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Rendering ignoring everything unless Layer 1 is active?

A topic by CorgiBits created Mar 06, 2019 Views: 122 Replies: 4
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Trying to currently render a layer (2) but doesnt appear in renderer unless I have layer 1 active also, (two different sprites)



Could you give me more info about this? I'm trying to reproduce the bug but it works fine for me.

Hey there, so just opened as normal. With the default Sprite in. Clicked second layer load Sprite. Hid the first layer only so that the second was visible. When clicking render to export it. Nothing appears nor does it export any images or gifs with actually content. Just blank


That's weird, I've tried again and it happened as you said, yesterday it worked fine for me. I'll check the code, thanks for the report!

No problemo! Really like the software regardless. Super great for my workflow so keep up the great stuff!