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Sweet mother of god i love this game

A topic by BrentAbernathy created 43 days ago Views: 174 Replies: 13
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I come across this game Wizards of Alamar, in patreon a couple weeks ago.  when I first downloaded the game it and was using their servers for downloads not Itch. I liked the video and started playing cause i said why not its a buck a month and now i can't get enough of it. I am new to itch and didn't even know it existed before i saw their link in a patreon posting.  Now i just do it all through the itch app.
The reason i am posting this is because these guys are already on their 8th update and seem to be taking the game seriously.  its fun and is getting harder with each quest they put up and there is a new quest every week. I like how they are adding in little animations here and there every week also. I would recommend this game to everyone! if you join their patreon hit me up!

Mr. Abernathy I want to thank you for your kind words about the game. It is my partners and my dream to make a fun interactive game that will not only be a single player RPG but expand into having an  MMO option also for the player.  Look we have big plans for this game and it becomes overwhelming at times. But because of people like you and the love you show for our creation, it gets us through those overwhelming times. I just wanted to say that and to say thank you for your comments. We are proud to have gamers like you playing our game! May all your games be fun and challenging.

I highly recomend this game also. It is SUCH FUN! And the constant updates are cool.

I am also finding this game to be a blast!  In particular the developers seem to be on point as well with updates and seem to actually listen to feedback from players.  I highly reccomend this as well!

This game is what brought me to this site!!! If there are others like this one I will be in heaven! Great job on the game and keep those updates coming every week.

Is there like a community forum for this game???

not that i know of. we should make one if they don't do it

Alright! I figured this out a little. i have set up a community for us on Itch We are still new to the site and are still learning all the awesome stuff they got here.  So Brent and TheAlmarian i cordially invite you to the new community! Again thanks for making this game part of your gaming world. It means everything to us!!!

I am new to itch and this is the first game I have tried.  Made it past quest 1 so far and am enjoying it!   Hope more games on here are like this one.

fun game!  Highly reccomend.   I look forward to the updates mentioned above and that will only make it better.  Headed to check out hteir Patreon page now.  

I absolutely recommend this game!!  SUCH FUN!!!

I love the challenge!!!!! 

WE ARE FREAKING CRAZY HERE AT X AND Z!!!! CRAZY I SAY!!! WE ARE GIVING THIS GAME AWAY FOR FREE THIS WEEKEND!!! Seriously if you want a cool game these awesome people are chatting about go download the game Its our way of saying welcome to the family. all we ask is that you post a review if you have the time.


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