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[Level Designer][Unity][JamCollab}

A topic by Fishagon LLC created Sep 24, 2016 Views: 175
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Hey guys, my name is Sky.

This weekend I decided to take a small break from my studio's projects and participate in my first game jam. It's called QaziJam 7 (hosted by Twitch Partner in GameDev, QaziTV) and the theme is "Black and White".

I've already got an MVP made, it's rough, but I still have two more days also. The main problem is I'm a horrible level designer haha.

The Game

The game is about a color-shifting block that can switch between black and white. He can only move on blocks of the opposite color, however any blocks he previously walks on change to his current color.

It's a 2D blocky platform puzzle game.

What Will You Do

Essentially you'll be coming up with just a few levels of puzzles ranging in complexity. You can go as complex as you want, and if the game doesn't support what you want then I can program the game for your needs.

The only real limit on you is time. The game has to be uploaded on Monday morning.

What is already done?

I've already programmed the base mechanics. It's a simple concept. It's a game jam. Technically I just need to make a menu, pause, credits, stuff like that. If you want to make more complex puzzles with different mechanics, I can program that for you.

What's the outcome of this?

Experience for both of us. New connection for both of us. The game will be free to download and play forever on as well the game will be open source.

Thanks for reading guys, if you're up for working on this just shoot me a message on here or add me on skype: Sky D. Copeland.


Also if anyone wants to make a simple song loop? Same kinda situation there, I appreciate the collab.