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Unable to install multiple games from a bundle

A topic by jeffovertime created Sep 23, 2016 Views: 226 Replies: 2
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Recently acquired the 2016 Fantastic Arcade Bundle. Everything with that is fine until I want to install them. If I have one of the games from the bundle installed and wish to install a different one, I'm unable to do so unless I uninstall the previous game.

Example: I want to install ALPHABET. I already have Inspector Woof installed. I only have the option to launch Inspector Woof. Therefore, if I want to install ALPHABET, I have to uninstall Inspector Woof.

If I select something to install from the bundle, it immediately installs it and hides the list of games in the bundle download window. The installation and running of a single game works fine.

If it is worth noting: all of this is happening on a Windows 10 machine.


Yep, I'm aware of this, when I discovered how the Fantastic Arcade Bundle was done (as a single page) it was too late for them to change it or for us to modify the app to accommodate for that :(

Installing multiple "items" per " page" could become a feature of the app at some point, but it's not planned in the immediate future (we're in the process of making significant architecture changes to provide more reliable downloads, especially for larger games).

In the meantime, you can still download and use all games individually from the website - I know it's not as convenient as with the app, but at least there's a way to do it! Thanks for your understanding :)


No worries, thanks for the prompt response! Just go through the site for now. Keep up the good work :D