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Sci-fi Action Roguelite. Collect DNA from enemies and mutate yourself to victory! · By monothetic

You should be playing this!

A topic by Sonoket created Mar 03, 2019 Views: 515 Replies: 2
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This game is GREAT. If you like intense, action driven skill based combat with a DEEP rpg / roguelike system, this game is for you!

It snuck under my radar and I am very sad for that. It doesn't have to sneak under yours too!

Check it out below if you don't bleieve me:


Just watched your vid for the first time, I missed it during the launch. Glad you had fun with it! You got some tough mutations unfortunately. 

I had a couple tips as well if you end up playing more. M opens the map and can help you navigate to the loot around the level more easily. There's always one item cache per level and usually 2-4 weapon spawns. Also you can hold two weapons, left control on keyboard switches to your second weapon and when picking up a new weapon it will swap whatever one you're holding. 

Okay those tips are amazing.

I definitely had no idea, but even so it was still a super fun experience. I want to love the flame pistol but I always set myself on fire more than I help myself. HAH.