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I will be doing just that! The game is super fun.

I played this game. It's hysterical and I really hope the next version comes out with sound and music. Holy shit did I have fun with this. 

You can check out the play here!

Heyo! I'll drop my video here as well. The atmosphere of the game was really great, and had apprehension high the entire time, but the scares themselves probably wouldn't scare many veterans. Good demo though!

I just picked this up recently and just wanted to drop my two cents on it. The game is a WONDERFUL throwback to the old age of games like Link to the Past. 

What I haven't seen anyone here write is: The writing in this game is PHENOMENAL. Honestly the writing alone is worth picking this game up. I know everyone talks about the combat and controls, but the WRITING. MY GOD. 

It's so rare that I spend time chuckling while playing a game but this one did it. Well done.

Okay those tips are amazing.

I definitely had no idea, but even so it was still a super fun experience. I want to love the flame pistol but I always set myself on fire more than I help myself. HAH.

This game is GREAT. If you like intense, action driven skill based combat with a DEEP rpg / roguelike system, this game is for you!

It snuck under my radar and I am very sad for that. It doesn't have to sneak under yours too!

Check it out below if you don't bleieve me: