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Incendian Falls

A topic by Verdagon created Mar 02, 2019 Views: 156 Replies: 4
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Starting my first 7DRL now! My plan is to make a roguelike with time-travel; you can rewind time to how the world was a few turns ago, and complement your past self to make things happen.

It will be built with:

  • Domino, my unity-based game engine.
  • Glift, the font extrusion utility by Solstice333.
  • Chronobase, the in-memory journaled database by Stradivast.

I'm building off the demo project which shows off the graphics, and shows reverting to past game states. Now, I just have to make it into an actual game!

My plan:

  • Turning the reverting into true time-traveling; the demo shows reverting to a past state at a mana cost, but I'll be adding the "Time Shift Clone" which does the same things you did "back then", so you can cooperate with your past self. It will involve saving a script of what the player did, and making some AI for the clone that tries to follow it.
  • Add some enemies. I'll be taking out the ones in the demo (Goblin and Irkling King) and replacing them with ones that play and look more interesting.
  • Add a final boss!
  • Generate better levels! I'm hoping to have a lot of slopes and interesting terrain, and some caves inside the falls.
  • Add a ranged attack of some sort for the player.
  • Add a "landmine" attack for the player, to leave timed traps on the ground for enemies to die on.
  • Upgrade Domino a bit: Make the "look bar" show items.

Wish me luck!


Wow I'd play that. Can't wait to see it!

I've seen this similar concept tackled in a past 7drl. I'm definitely excited to see how you do it! It's one of my favorite concepts.

How goes it? This is one of the ones I'm really eager to play.

Just finished! Check it out: