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Game Girl

A topic by campotech created Mar 02, 2019 Views: 94 Replies: 2
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GAME GIRL!!!! OH GIRL!!! Has arrived!!!!

Next Month Game Boy will be 30 years old so just for fun of it I will be launching a new series of games called Game Girl. Which is like my version of game boy. (Hench the name game girl). Here are the 4 launch titles that will be up this April. From left to right: Blocks, Alien Invaders, Sea Shark and Zoey. Blocks is a Tetris clone game. Alien Invaders is a space invaders type arcade game. Sea Shark is a shooter game where you sink enemy subs and boats. (A CampoTech Classic). And Zoey where you hit a ball back against a wall to score points. These games will be available Now.

Super cute games, can't wait

Thank you. I hope you enjoy them once I release them on the 30th anniversary of the game boy which is next month.