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Genius - now i can't wait for VR implementation

A topic by Gruguir created Sep 18, 2016 Views: 385 Replies: 5
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I just tried 3DNes today and I find it amazing. I can't imagine all the work involved behind it. I didn't took the time to read much the forum an docs, but i guess some people didn't realized the Nvidia 3D Vision compatibility. I'm actually playing it with anaglyph glasses, and i'm looking forward VR implementation (i tried a '-vrmode openvr' command line without luck :p). Oh just one thing, i was not able to make the stereoscopic 3d 'pop up' in 3D Vision (the relief is only behind the screen), it would be great to have a custom anaglyph shader with tweakable vergence. Geod if you need a beta tester, or anything related to Unity dev, please count me in.

Thank you for your encouragement. VR is definitively in the plan.I will make it as accessible as possible from the user standpoint.

Hey Gruguir,

That's the right time for vr testing! Please let me know if you are still willing to beta-test 3DNesVR. Give me your contact then i will send you the package.

yes sure, you can contact me at

Have you received my email?

Je viens de vous envoyer un email ^-^