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Two Games for fun: Retroblaster and Fields of Gore!

A topic by Antonio Marcelo created Sep 18, 2016 Views: 119
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Hi Guys! Two games released for fun !

Retroblaster - Shooter with Atari Feelings... Web Based

The Year is 2350...

From the depths of the galaxy the Melkars fearful try to dominate the Earth . With a fleet of bio spacecraft , the invaders try to transform the human race in slaves. Humanity sent a fleet of warships to fight them on the edge of terrestrial space , but unfortunately was defeated . With only one ship ,you are the last hope for humankind!

Fields of Gore -

Welcome to the Flelds of Gore, an action adventure, with a lot of adrenalin! You are Xumour Mcgrage, a human hero, soldier and adventurer. Your mission is find and destruct wepons of mass destruction made by the orcs.

But, your mission are though and filled with a lot of dangerous! You need to fight against orcs, magical creatures and explore the terrible OrcĀ“s Island!

A game for the truly hero!

A game with a lot of retro feelings and some surprises, like secrete levels, easter egss, etc. Enter in a world of adventure and action!

An action adventure with a lot of fun, bosses and adrenalin! PC and Mac!

Please donwload, play and give a support! We are working in a lot of games with oldschoo! visual