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Super Fire Monkey

A topic by Color Kids Games created Sep 17, 2016 Views: 398 Replies: 9
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Hi everyone !

I'm cactus from StudioPotager and here's the devlog of Super Fire Monkey :)

Super Fire Monkey is a 2D plateform metroidvania. It's a 8bits like game, with pixel art and 8bits songs.

My english is bad so images will be more efficients ;)

I really hope you'll enjoy images from the game :)


Like in every Metroidvania, the character begins without any ability and win them during the game. I managed this important part of the game this week and I am really happy of what it looks like :)

New Power Kinematic

To do it, I coded a kinematic system that allows me to put the game in pause and to control character on the screen, that was the only "difficult" part of this, the New Power system was easy to implement with powers I already done.

Of course, the player has to know what he just win, so I also worked on new power explanation, here an other gif to show you that :)

New Power Explanation

I also had the time to work on an idea I had few weeks ago. As you can see, I coded the game as a tiles system game like a lot of 2D plateform games. So to animate water, I didn't had a lot of choices:

  • Use an engine
  • Forget water animation and stay on water tiles
  • Find a good idea

Hahaha This game is a personal challenge in which I do not want to use any engine. I really want to code every little thing on it so I decided to stay with simple water tiles while I didn't find this good idea until few weeks.

This system is really simple in fact but it works, and the result is great I think for an 8bits like game.

Water Animation System

Next week I will work on physic in water and try to change the aspect of the water, to make it more like a blue filter.

I really hope you enjoyed this first devlog :)

You can ask me anything about game development, the game itself or anything else ;)

PS: Sorry for my bad english


I really like the way your game is coming along, especially those effects - keeps me guessing what else this character can do next. I completely respect the fact that you are hand coding everything, which can be quiet challenging and yet very enriching. I am hopeful that one day I could do some amazing interactive programming like this :)

Looking forward to the next devlog


PS: your english is good, no worries about that. Insert <thumbsup.gif>

Thank you so much :D


This week, I worked on the "Platypus Town", it is the HUB where you can find the doors to travel around the world and I also worked on water's "shaders" and physic :)

About the water:

To code the water's "shaders", I re-used the wave's algorithm and adjust it to the effect. I had the "choice" between two effects :


I finally choosed the first one and also made the wave smoother (soft change but it's important)


As you can see, I also worked on the physic in water. That wasn't really complex (except when the character is on the wave but I used again the wave algorithm).

I'm really happy of this effect to be honest :D

About the HUB:

So, you first have to know that when you kill a monster, you win stones.


The "Platypus Town" has been destroyed by the Golem (this is the bad guy of the game) and here's where the stones become importants cause when you give stones to the town, it help it to be build again :)



Actually, the player will have to help the town cause it's the only way to open the doors to progress in the game.

I hope you enjoyed the devlog :)

Next wednesday I go to china for 30 days so it won't be possible to work on the game (and to touch a computer) and I'm sorry for this but I will continue in november :)

To be forgiven of this, I will post a little compilation of every bugs I had when I was working on the water's shaders ;D



I actually forgot some important things about the game cause I just began devlogs on but I really began devlogs (on other platforms) a month ago.

Here's some gifs to explain parts of the game:




Sorry for that, you now should know the most important parts of the game :)



I go to China tomorrow, so I prepared a little compilation of bugs I had when I was working on the water's "shaders" to be forgiven ;)

Enjoy :)

No 1

Trying to set the effect on water tiles. (for next images, I set the effect on every tiles to have a better idea of how it looks like)

No 2

Ooooh biger pixels ?

No 3

I took waves algorithm I coded before and try to adjust it for this effect to get destorsion.

No 4

Yes, first try. Please don't laugh x)

No 5


No 6

- Your screen is broken guy.

- Nop, I am.

No 7


No 8

Almost that ! But it's like the waves, it is too "square".

No 9

A lot smoother.

BEWARE ! Do not stare at this for too long, trust me, I did once and I saw everything like that for an hour x)

I come back in november :)


Hi everybody :)

I'm back from China, and even if I didn't have the time to work a lot since my arrival, I did a pretty nice looking stuff this morning :)

I wanted to make the water's interaction a bit more dynamic for the player so I decided to work on particles effects :

Water particles

Sorry for my english :)

Hey, the game looks pretty cool, will you be needing more music for it? If so I would love to help out, you can check out my portfolio here

Thank you :)

Actually, I am a musician too and for this game, I'd like to do every part of the game, it's like a personnal challenge :) But if ever I start a new project and think your work could be great with mine, I'll ask you :)

I'll check your work, and thank again !

Sorry for my english