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Zombie Quarantine

A topic by Tobop Productions created Sep 16, 2016 Views: 223 Replies: 1
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Hey guys! Ready for a really hard puzzle game?
Level 5 is hell, but passable. This was made a while ago, but I didn't post anything about it.

Game link here ($1.00)

The game is a mixture of 2 main types of game. Plus zombies!

  • Pipe dreams
  • Generic tower defence (minus the building aspect)
I know it's not perfect. I'm not a programmer, so I'm unsure why Unity added the default buttons, when that wasn't even programmed. Units also push each other 'off course' because of the character collider physics.

I might update this game one day - but at the moment it's on hold for updates, and ready for release.
Here's level 1: (somewhat of a speedrun)

This thing will be on Steam soon for $1. I know I am going to receive a fair bit of dislikes.

Ultimately, the sales from this game help fund new ones.  And when a new game is released, I think I'll make Zombie Quarantine free.