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The Pirate Mermaid

Be the hero or villain of your own fairytale in this fantasy otome visual novel. · By Navigame

Some encouragements

A topic by Konoi created Feb 20, 2019 Views: 220 Replies: 3
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Hey there! This is a random and maybe useless topic!

I know you guys are working hard on the game when you can afford to do it, and I'm glad you didn't forget about the project. I just want to say I'm still here, waiting patiently and cheering on you! I did a lenghty review after playing the game so you guys already know I think it's awesome, but nothing wrong with telling it again, right?

So yeah, hang in there!

PS: on a side note, I've only recently noticed you were the people who did a2 too. It was such a lovely little game that really stuck with me. I remember my playthrough of it so dearly. So keep up the good work and awesome games!


Hi Konoi, you are so sweet! Thanks so much for your encouragement. <3 It really helps to hear that you're still looking forward to our game, even though we're taking our time with things. ^^; And yay, someone who knows a2! It makes me super happy to hear that you played and enjoyed it, given that it's an older game that isn't as well known.

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Wanted to add to this! Makes me so happy to see other people who support this game. I played an early demo for this game many years ago and am still patiently waiting on it. Take your time, and know that there are people who wholeheartedly support you from the shadows haha! 

Have to agree about A2. One of those games that really hit me when I played as a teenager, I've played so many otome games and there's only a few that really hit me in the heart. A2 was one of them. Thanks for all of your hard work.


Aww, thank you so much - it always makes us happy to hear from supporters! :D And yesss, I love seeing more a2 players!