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1bit adventure game of cosmic horror inspired by the work of Junji Ito · By panstasz

endings i've found so far + how i got them

A topic by FRANKIE MAW created Feb 19, 2019 Views: 1,946 Replies: 4
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spine-chilling story of school scissors

  • ending A: perform the ritual correctly! make sure you check your storage to find your friend's notebook. it will contain the correct sigil you will need to draw (the sigil is different in every playthrough.) the candles can be found by exploring the school. 
  • ending B: perform the ritual incorrectly! the only way i believe this is possible is by drawing the wrong sigil.

chilling chronicle of crimson cape

  • ending A: successfully defeat aka manto (step on his mask edition!) in some playthroughs, it is possible to purchase or find a steak knife at the shop or in the school, respectively. however, more often than not, you will be unable to find a weapon. but don't lose hope because it is possible to bring him down with your fists and some spells. i highly recommend taking any chance you can to learn new ones.
  • ending B: successfully defeat aka manto (the mask does not appear edition!) the only difference between this ending and the other is the text that appears at the end. i'm unsure if there is a specific way to acquire one particular ending.

far-out fable of a fear festival

  • ending a: unknown! i have been unable to get this ending. if anyone else has, please let me know!
  • ending b: the authorities defeat the cult! i'm unsure how i acquired this ending.

i'm unsure if these are all the endings. nonetheless, thank you for reading! i can't wait for the full release!! ♡

Hello there,

For the Far-out Fable of a Fear Festival, what you did in the first 3 days doesn't matter but i recommend recruiting as many friends as possible (for combat purpose). If not, just skip forward until you find yourself in the forest, looking for the overgrown abandoned factory. You have 4 forest explorations before sunrise.

  • Ending A: The authorities saved you: During your exploration you got caught! A policeman saved you just before the Old God about to accept you as one of the occult's sacrifice.  [REQ: Get caught before sunrise.]  GOOD END
  • Ending B: You were too late: The police was here before you, your friends was gone, everyone was gone and the village vanished without a trace.  [REQ: Explore without getting caught until sunrise.]  BAD END ?

hello there.I've recently downloaded and played through the demo but i can't seem to find where to access the other 2 stories?i can only playthrough the scissor lady story currently and when i get an ending the game will just send me back to the starting it suppose to be like this?


From what I have heard, the game recently updated and removed the other two stories, so now everyone can only play through the scissor lady story. I hope this helps and that I'm not to late!