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Frankie "Misery" Maw 🕱⛧

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oh, i absolutely adored this. i'm not sure if i got all the endings or not, since no matter what i try, the endings counter won't go up past 1 out of 3. i saw bad end, punch end, and kiss end (i'm so bad at remembering titles), though, and they were all lovely. kiss end was my personal favorite. looking forward to any future projects from you, if any! ^_^ b

no worries at all! take all the time you need. i'll be looking forward to when the update comes! thank you again <3

yes, the commercial! thanks for considering it.

i really enjoyed this game! well aside for when there was spoken dialogue... i have hearing issues that make it difficult to keep up with that sort of thing. i was wondering if you had any plans to add subtitles to the spoken sections? thanks for putting this together! all the games you've worked on have been very unique and i'm always excited to see what's next for you. cheers!

honest-to-god one of the best things i've ever had the luck of stumbling across on itch. very cute and funny. i loved the (assumedly) nonbinary protag, i don't see a lot of protags like me. i'm still curious what actually did happen in the house anyway, but i'm ok with there being unanswered questions. all in all, a standout title. wish you the best with any potential future projects! <3

i really enjoyed this! the choices don't really matter, at least not in my experience, but i've already read your other comments about this being your first project. really interesting stuff and lots of potential! i'm looking forward to seeing what you make next

hello! i saw this while scrolling thru the racial justice bundle and thought this was funny. obviously, this is a really wonderful and useful asset pack, thank you for taking the time to make it! but thanks for the laugh, too.

(PS. did you sit your grandpa down to record this? because if so, what a cool ass grandpa)

i really like this game! every ending is so radically different from the others, which gives it an odd, disjointed feeling. i don't mean this as an insult, i think it makes the game stand out.

this looks fantastic! i don't think i'll be able to donate in time for the kickstarter, but if you take donations at some point in the future, i'll be able to contribute then. best of luck to you!

"It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron."

if i'm being honest, this is the first time a dating sim has made me feel so giddy. the cast are all real charmers! and it's amazing to see a "yuri" game that has more to do with lesbian culture than just two anime girls kissing. i absolutely adored this project, and i'll definitely be looking out for future projects from members of the dev team. thank you all so much for taking the time to make such a lovely game!

wow! that was great. i really adored the atmosphere. thank you for taking the time to make this.

(spoiler warning)

this is the kind of vampire story i've been waiting for. thank you for all your hard work! you've made something really special.

spine-chilling story of school scissors

  • ending A: perform the ritual correctly! make sure you check your storage to find your friend's notebook. it will contain the correct sigil you will need to draw (the sigil is different in every playthrough.) the candles can be found by exploring the school. 
  • ending B: perform the ritual incorrectly! the only way i believe this is possible is by drawing the wrong sigil.

chilling chronicle of crimson cape

  • ending A: successfully defeat aka manto (step on his mask edition!) in some playthroughs, it is possible to purchase or find a steak knife at the shop or in the school, respectively. however, more often than not, you will be unable to find a weapon. but don't lose hope because it is possible to bring him down with your fists and some spells. i highly recommend taking any chance you can to learn new ones.
  • ending B: successfully defeat aka manto (the mask does not appear edition!) the only difference between this ending and the other is the text that appears at the end. i'm unsure if there is a specific way to acquire one particular ending.

far-out fable of a fear festival

  • ending a: unknown! i have been unable to get this ending. if anyone else has, please let me know!
  • ending b: the authorities defeat the cult! i'm unsure how i acquired this ending.

i'm unsure if these are all the endings. nonetheless, thank you for reading! i can't wait for the full release!! ♡