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I have several friends and strangers I’ve introduced witchball to and many of them love it. It reminds me of an old experimental 1v1 game called Pole Riders by Bennett Foddy, which got a sequel in Sportsfriends. I was wondering if you would consider making a sequel or a more feature rich update? And if not, do you mind people using this idea in their own games?

Why does the desktop app only let you search for specific products? It seems odd that normal searching just doesnt exist, i cant search keywords like genres or anything. Is this intended?

Thats perfect! Thanks

I haven't purchased super text mesh yet, but I want to know if you have plans for support for furigana, or at least the ability to x offset superscript text

i also cant figure it out, i hold shift while i fall, i hold space while im on the floor and nothing happens.

touhou but with good graphic design!

a little unweildy could do with a turn around button


the game is definitely blanking on design principles, what the hell does the book even do?

the mouse can be used to click the buttons in the lower HUD, but at that point just make it point and click


Windows doesn't support Playstation controllers by default, only Xinput(xbox controllers) and Dinput(controllers made for PC), so you'd have to download Joy2key

ah, cool

what made a mac exclusive game? I wont question the decision, ill just wait

when I try to paint, the very first thing in the tutorial, nothing happens. I try to click the sprite like fifty times, nothing, i try to click the background like fifty times, nothing. The color tool also seems to not do anything? Is it my browser, is it windows?

Average sessionA few seconds

it, runs. well it walks good

oooh, makes sense

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i dont get it, i cant tell if im actually winning or losing or what, but it reminds me of rhythm heaven so im committed to find out how it works

[oh!] I get it now, is there even a word with b-y-v in that order in the english language?