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Desktop, in Firefox based browsers

This has been happening for about a month, while I am typing, the search bar will vanish mid word and I can no longer type or search.

This happens randomly, every 1 in 5 searches

A lot of enemies have way too much health for the beginning of the run, I just naturally run out of Sex resist trying to just skill them away already. In combination with how long it takes to get anywhere a lot of my runs end before the first area

the tentacle franchise has yet another dev in it

This game is somehow WAY harder than any of the Gals Panic games, tight timer and a lot more starting enemies

I like the aesthetics of this game and the concept, but I’m left wondering if running the game in browser is breaking it. Blocks DO hurt me when I remain still

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dios mio, seduce the soda?

how do you actually put the helmet on?

beat the demo without remembering how to switch weapons. Rebinding and a traditional shmup control scheme(Shift,Z,X,C and Arrow Keys) would be great in future demos

Very interesting game, i feel the puzzle aspect is underrepresented here without a way to move blocks in your own screen. I really like the character design here though


Honestly the introduction of shift movement detracts from the experience for me. Now your normal movement speed is so absurdly fast you just run into most bullets.

I like the new enemy patterns, but its a struggle to acclimate with not Undertale physics

Like the demo, but like all 2DFM games, the AI is too damn spastic

This isn’t working for me, is there a movelist anywhere?

900,000 points, A 770,000 points, F.

What a harsh grader, who curved the exam results

I felt this more with the double phrase, the only difference is a brace around it. They should have their own color

great game, the tutorial man scares me

like a lot of porn games, the actual gameplay of this game is just terrible, its purposefully way too hard at the beginning so you have to grind.

The only grinding that should be involved in porn games is grinding my mf dick bro.

I already hate when AAA devs turn their games into jobs, porn games should involve blowjobs instead of jobs that blow

super fun concept

this is a threehanded game

hitboxes are WAY too big

In the latest alpha, the game hangs up 4 out of 5 times I choose a stage, the only stage i’ve gotten to work is the station. Every other stage causes a hang-up. I’m on an MSI laptop with a GTX 1060M, using a wired controller.

Add a loading indicator too if possible.

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This game is definitely better suited to mouse play, the fire doesn’t move fast enough for a standing jump to avoid it but you also walk quite faster than the fire with a single key press.

The phases can take a while so it would’ve been nice to see a healthbar for the boss.

needs an instant retry button too, since sometimes bunny just jumps straight to the mouse position on load.

what is the strategy for dodging the imps during the fireball section?

waay too much bonking

why did you find this comment necessary?

I have several friends and strangers I’ve introduced witchball to and many of them love it. It reminds me of an old experimental 1v1 game called Pole Riders by Bennett Foddy, which got a sequel in Sportsfriends. I was wondering if you would consider making a sequel or a more feature rich update? And if not, do you mind people using this idea in their own games?

Why does the desktop app only let you search for specific products? It seems odd that normal searching just doesnt exist, i cant search keywords like genres or anything. Is this intended?

Thats perfect! Thanks

I haven't purchased super text mesh yet, but I want to know if you have plans for support for furigana, or at least the ability to x offset superscript text

i also cant figure it out, i hold shift while i fall, i hold space while im on the floor and nothing happens.

touhou but with good graphic design!

a little unweildy could do with a turn around button


the game is definitely blanking on design principles, what the hell does the book even do?

the mouse can be used to click the buttons in the lower HUD, but at that point just make it point and click


Windows doesn't support Playstation controllers by default, only Xinput(xbox controllers) and Dinput(controllers made for PC), so you'd have to download Joy2key

ah, cool

what made a mac exclusive game? I wont question the decision, ill just wait