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Searching The Universe

A man looks for extraterrestrial life. · By kurethedead

feedback, if you wanted it

A topic by Robert Yang created Sep 13, 2016 Views: 247 Replies: 1
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cool game, I liked how short and self-contained it is...

some notes if you wanted any:

  • really needs ambient sounds / world sounds during gameplay... the sound of wind at the top... computer beeping noises near computers... the sound of the ocean when you're at the bottom, etc.
  • the backtracking up and down is a little tedious and feels unnecessary / artificial
  • I would've displayed your current equipped key as the camera viewmodel, e.g. as if we're holding it (like a gun in a first person shooter)... I'm familiar with greek letters but I still sometimes forgot what I was carrying, I'd imagine it's more difficult if you don't know greek letters at all and you're trying to remember "curly round thing with a squiggle"

Thanks for trying it out. I have to agree on all those points, especially on the backtracking; I especially noticed that after playtesting a bunch of times. I was actually planning to have a way to see key models in the view (as opposed to just UI icons, which would have been less immersive) but dropped it cause of poor time/energy management. Hopefully next time around I'll be able to add more polish. Thanks for the input!