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I wasn't considering any specific historic events but just a general post-conflict vibe. It was a neat interpretation though.

Yeah, it was for a weekend game jam.

Thank you. While I would have liked to add more,  I think my time would be better spent working on new projects.

This is exactly what I thought it would be

Sorry about that, I made some changes that turned out to not work out well. I updated the game to fix the platforming. If you press Escape you can access settings to lower the camera sensitivity.

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I had a similar issue, I forgot to include the Mono folder, UnityPlayer.dll, and UnityCrashHandler64.exe. I'm not sure if ALL of those are necessary, but they are generated with the build.


When I play the game, I can press the "Start" button but it doesn't go away. A receipt appears but other than that I can't interact with anything :/

I think I'm getting the same error as Tasaka, missing dll. You might not have uploaded all the files produced by Unity's build process.

Sorry about that, it should be fixed now.

Thank you, its meaningful to hear that you were able to connect with it.

I used Unity for game programming, Blender for 3D modeling, and Photoshop for some minor textures. Merry Christmas!

Hey, thanks for playing the game. Unfortunately I'm pretty busy and I don't really have time to make a tutorial. The gameplay itself isn't too complex; there are a lot of good tutorials on youtube for Unity3D that could do a better job of teaching things than I could.

Thanks for playing the game. The lamp posts were supposed to represent connections with other people, which is why they disappear as the story progresses. The headless image was just a reference to a previous game that I made.

Thanks for trying it out. I have to agree on all those points, especially on the backtracking; I especially noticed that after playtesting a bunch of times. I was actually planning to have a way to see key models in the view (as opposed to just UI icons, which would have been less immersive) but dropped it cause of poor time/energy management. Hopefully next time around I'll be able to add more polish. Thanks for the input!

Thank you. The song is called "Gymnopedie No. 1".

Thank you. Hearing that made all of the work worth it.