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BUG - Cyclop level, hitting Tab = Crash

A topic by Tchey created 66 days ago Views: 24 Replies: 2
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I'm not sure i should report it because i'm playing PC Linux via WINE, but still, i'm pretty sure by the look of it, it's not Linux related.

I was with the Guardian and i just met the Cyclop.

I press Tab to switch from the Guardian to the Cyclop.

Crash, back to desktop, with this message :

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Restarting the game, and avoiding the Tab, i could play without more issue. I will try to tab again, see what happens in this level.

edit : yep, everytime in this level with the cyclop, hitting Tab = crash. If i move or select with the mouse, then, no  issue. But Tab = crash.


Hi Tchey!

Thank you for letting us know! You are quite right that this does not look like a Linux-only issue. 

We'll look into it now, and hopefully get it sorted in the mid-week patch!