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Malware detected in a couple of my games?

A topic by Fie created Sep 12, 2016 Views: 740 Replies: 1
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Windows defender detected a Trojan named Maltule.C!cl in both wood for the trees and in fruits of a feather. I cant find any information about it except how to remove it(its apparently a hard to remove one, but I didnt seem to have any trouble).

I didnt know if this was an accidental virus transfer, something they did on purpose, or just a false alarm so i decided i would ask here. I did report wood for the trees before realizing fruits of a feather had it too. Also i should mention ive had both of these for over a month(thru a factory reset of my computer) and this is the first time ive had this problem.

Not sure, but there's a description of its behavior and methodology here. It seems to suggest that it will also populate system files and spread non-malicious files in various folder's as part of its payload, so the games could be collateral damage rather than the source. Typical vectors seem to be spam email attachments, social media links, and third party software. Its not impossible that some element of the games or their installation could have been a vector, one way to make sure may be to thoroughly purge the trojan and reinstall the games in question, then run another sweep to see if infection reoccured.