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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Bugs - new and old

A topic by corruptedturtle created 13 days ago Views: 194 Replies: 4
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5.23b x32

win x64

some bugs found in my last playthrough

new bug - Slaves events happening when they are not in mansion (not sure if a bug). Like Emily grade is being raised in the slave market, but she gives the mission to rescue her sister, Ayneries getting a specialization, but still ask to recover her sword. Didnt get the print or save, but it should be simple to recreate.

new bug - Slaves are getting the "likes it rough" trait without being entranced or raped. (not sure if its a bug)

new bug - when in sex mode, slaves that get the wish "<slave> wishes to have her pussy used" it only fulfills using the vibrator

VERY old bug - ending a fight with auto-atk will mess up next fight. (mark auto-atk, kill the last enemie with auto-atk, start a new fighr. The moment you end the first turn two turns should pass without player control, the AI(enemies) will get extra turns) 

old bug - (since v5.22b at least) When fighting too many enemies (like 13 or more) sometimes they will overlap, like below: there are 3 enemies behind Bandit Leader 1

same fight, a little while later: there are now 4 (look at the log)

prints from v5.22b, but bug still in 23b

old bug - raping willing elfs with the "likes it rough" trait lose reputation with Ambeguard. (I dont really care about it, but I think it isnt supposed to happen)

old bug - after Ayda is recruited, when leaving her assistant  shop, Sebastian shows up in her place for a moment, like,  his image  shows up, but in the next second is gone.

not bug, but weird mechanic - Lab girl can be unassigned after making any operation, my meaning is, she should at least be there/locked while someone is undergoing upgrades... btw, it should have a limit of how many slave can be upgraded in one day.

not bug, but weird mechanic - head girl should have a minimum required loyalty and obedience.

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I don't think 'slaves getting the "likes it rough" trait without being entranced or raped' is a bug but rather depends on your actions during sex like Humiliation, using Tools or S&M

its just that before last update, they needed to be entranced and raped to get "likes it rough" trait. So  I'm not sure if its intended or not. Humiliation gives (or using a tail) gives pervet, sm masochist and possibly dominance if the slave is the one giving. I didnt notice tools giving any trait.

Is it currently impossible to use "Mark" spell (button inactive)? Or it is only available for use in specific locations?


It appears to only be available at non-hub areas. So you can't use it in Gorn but you can use it in the Gorn outskirts. I think it's also only available if you don't have an impending encounter ie. before you hit the explore button or before you hit it again after an encounter.