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"local error: tls: record overflow"

A topic by pinback created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 409 Replies: 3
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I get this in the launcher app while trying to download two of the three games I've purchased on Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere, I didn't find anything after a quick search.

Anyone know what's goin' on there?


Hmm, I haven't seen that error before. Is it still happening now?

Well, I completed the install by continuing to hit the download button (it'd come down in chunks and then fail out), but the last half of the install went smoothly, so I dunno.

Safe to ignore, I think, unless anyone else reports the same thing.

I'm reinstalling Aven Colony now, and it's doing it again. If it's just me, no reason to waste time on it, but that's weird, isn't it? I sure think so.