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Footsteps - A sword fighting game in the dark [need feedback/playtesters]

A topic by Minitrope created Sep 05, 2016 Views: 207 Replies: 2
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Footsteps is an audio game created for the Audiogame Jam 2016.
In this game you play as a sword fighter who can only count of their hearing ability.
Find your opponent and try to hit them before they do. One hit is all it takes to die.

The Game has 2 modes: Player vs CPU and Player vs Player (local multiplayer).

Important: I could not test the linux build with my gamepad since it was not detected (but is working fine in dev mode).
Also someone reported that the menu did not play any sounds. Please, tell me if you encounter any of these problems, so I can fix them!

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Hey there, I unfortunately don't have a functional gamepad with me, but I noticed a couple of typos in your page..

Edit: They have been addressed.

It does sound like a very good idea though : )

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@Agecaf: Thank you, I fixed the page :)

I pushed a new build that should fix audio issues on Windows. Still no sure about the gamepads though, especially on Linux. So I'm still looking for feedback.