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Wonderful Bored Mind

a girl make a little optical illusion to avoid boredom. · By Senior-X

Gameplay VIdeo

A topic by Fellowplayer created Sep 05, 2016 Views: 193 Replies: 1
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Hello, I saw this and wanted to pass on the gameplay here. I hope more people play this little fun game, I get a lot of messages asking me to play game jam games and I not heard of this one yet, is it new? Anyway again good game.

YouTube: Fellowplayer


Hey Fellowplayer, you did well, thanks for the video again and for sharing.

Game Zanga is not a new jam (its the 6th edition) but Its the first time (or maybe the second time, I am not sure) that they organize it on , it's an arabic Game Jam, and for this edition it was organized in Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt (hope I forget no one...),and the theme this time was "Illusion".

you can check the other participant here :