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@osamadeep thanks! hope you had fun playin'it

@Ahmed Al Mutairi thank you! happy to read such an encouragin message! I am also happy that people get the concept, at first when I shown the first proto to some friend, they didn't get the idea, it looked abstract, so I had to add more things like the intro ,tutorial , and the direct feedback with the reflection of the girl on the window. and even so I wasn't sure if it was enough. but the feedbacks until now are very positive, and everyone get it easly. thanks! :D

Nice! love it!

well done!

love the colors and the Concept is great!! good job! : D

the game is great! but just with a little more puzzles, more choices, that end of the game would have been perfect!

well done

Thank you Fangaorne ! : D yep there's chance that I will make it into a full game :)

I like the idea of changing shape so you can beat enemie!

great game, the last part with the quote of einstein is just perfect!

too bad it can't be played as one player so I can't try to game to his full potential, but that stealth part of the game looks like a lot of fun in two player mode : D

I like how you pushed the idea to a great game experience! well done!

hah nice! the end of the game is just perfect :D

hey nice game, love the character and the graphics : D

thanks Mousa :)

yes! when I was young, I did the same thing, maybe not with a drawing on the window, but sometime just with a finger print or maybe a toy or anything in this kind, when I presented the game on the local, I figured out that I wasn't the only one who was playing this young, as soon as I begin to explain my game some person begin to laugh and told me that they was playin this young too : D

no its not, and there is and ending, but in case of an endless I would have added a Score systeme first, and maybe add speed as you go in to the game to increas the difficulty, that would be the easyest way, the second way it would have been a spawner of the graffity, wich spawn graffity in a random range each X time, and then shrink that X, and add a systeme that prevent impossible patterns.

Thanks a lot Raed Tabani for your message :)

Hey Stanza!

thanks a lot for your message! yes the game is very hard, when I was show my game after the jam, I loosed on both my two try at my own game haha.

I am still working on a bigger version, this time on unity with a friend, more monsters, some are much easier ( with only one spot to fill) others are more complicated (use of different object + diagram etc etc) so yeah I know I should have managed more the difficulty of the game, but fun fact, the game was way more harder than know haha (there was no drawing on the book, just description, and it was 20 page long! I don't know what I was thinking lol)

thanks a lot for your feedbacks, I totally agree with all of them, the game is a little on hold recently, but I will definitely find a way to finish it and also... make it easier at the begining at least :D

thanks a lot for your encouraging messages!

Thanks Adey :)

Hey Fellowplayer, you did well, thanks for the video again and for sharing.

Game Zanga is not a new jam (its the 6th edition) but Its the first time (or maybe the second time, I am not sure) that they organize it on , it's an arabic Game Jam, and for this edition it was organized in Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt (hope I forget no one...),and the theme this time was "Illusion".

you can check the other participant here :