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Half-Life 2 Inspired: PSX Mega Pack

A topic by Pizza Doggy created 7 days ago Views: 54
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Modular interiors, furniture, various props & items. Perfect for both PSX style & retro-modern game projects, but not limited to!

Step into a world cloaked in darkness and despair with this meticulously crafted horror asset pack. Through haunting visuals that distort reality and invoke primal fears, players will be thrust into a realm of palpable dread. From the eerie ambiance of abandoned spaces to the grotesque and unsettling imagery that lurks around every corner, this pack delivers a chilling experience that will leave players on edge. Traverse through shadowy corridors, navigate decrepit structures, and confront the unknown horrors that await. With every twisted detail meticulously designed to unsettle, this pack promises a spine-tingling journey into the heart of fear.