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Sports Visual Novel Feedback

A topic by Edge 83 Media, LLC. created 8 days ago Views: 93 Replies: 3
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Hello folks!

I'm about to get started  developing a Sports Visual Novel and just wanted some quick feedback. My VNs are Webtoon art style.

Which Sport would interest you most:

  • Doubles Tennis 
  • 3x3 Basketball
  • Horse Racing
  • 2v2 Volleyball
  • Team Cycling

It's going to be my first project and I want to select an appealing sport.  Here's the possibilities. (And this is not fan-service driven. It's story driven). The sports games I want to make semi-automated. User input is largely going to be branching dialogue.  I really appreciate any feedback given.

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Opinions will probably vary about this question, but Tennis sounds interesting to me.


Horse racing appeals the most to me. Horses are beautiful creatures and come with their own character for the story. Possibly you can include a horse betting mechanic - or a story character gets in trouble by excessive betting.

I do have a big interest in doing the horse racing story. i’m wondering if it would interest the horse game community. It’s hard to tell whether or not they’ll support it since they wouldn't have direct control