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Youtube video in background will not stop...

A topic by stanzoishanzo created Sep 03, 2016 Views: 356 Replies: 2
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I have visited this site: and watched the youtube video, when i clicked on the youtube logo in the video a second video started in the background and will not stop. I´ve restarted the itch app a few times but every time the same video starts in background and plays again and the playmode is on autoplay so it doesnt stop...

Please fix it, if i click on the youtube logo i suppose that my standard browser opens the original youtube video but instead it opens in the itch app browser in background.

PS. besides this I love the desktop app! Great work! keep it on!


There's a tab list on the left, the video is probably just running in another tab — you can switch to it to pause it or just close it :)

I'd like to change how tabs are displayed so folks don't overlook them, and also make it so that tabs only load when you first switch to them on startup. That's coming!

OMG... now feeling stupid, just overlooked this tab... i was searching for tabs like in firefox or chrome an looked at the windows window manager... maybe another colorcode for opened websites in this area or something like that.

thank you for your help, i love and the whole idea support indies and give them an platform. Keep your great work on.