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Visual novel centered around an amoral high school student turned killer, who just wants to provide for his sister · By Zetsubou

LOVED the demo!

A topic by Sin created Sep 02, 2016 Views: 319 Replies: 2
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I really wish I had the money to buy the full game. I was on the edge of my seat playing the demo. It was SO good. And it left off at just the right point in the story. I'm definitely going to invest in purchasing this as soon as I can! GREAT work! I loved the artstyle, the characters, and my god is the story both fantastically written and incredibly captivating. The music, too!


Hi Sin,

glad you enjoyed the demo. I hope the full game lives up to your expectations. Sickness is pretty long and eventful, so it branches out a lot more after the demo.

Sickness is actually on sale on Steam at the moment (35% off), and will be on sale again in a couple of months (50% off) both here and on Steam when the next update is released. There's no clear ETA for the next update, however, so I can't be more specific on the timeframe.

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from what i have seen in the trailer on steam it is really good.