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That sounds reasonable to me. I hope that the continuation of Jorou's route in SG2 sheds a better light on all of this. The Joanne ending is obviously too brief to cover the breadth of the issues involved here, and doesn't do either character the courtesy of a proper discussion. SG2 is still a long way off, but I'll keep this conversation in mind for when it does reach that stage of development.

I feel like you're conflating the Joanne ending with the rest of her route and forgetting that the characters don't have the same insight into her situation that you now do.

It's easy to complete the Joanne ending and say "ah, so that's what she wants" and to look back over the rest of her route with that insight. But the characters in the game don't have that leisure. They don't know that she wants to become human; only that she keeps harming and denigrating herself. They don't link her self-harm with her not feeling comfortable in her own body; they only see self-destructive behavior.

Take the other ending, for instance. She isn't being confined because she wants to become someone else, or to stop her from undergoing such a transformation. She's confined because she's repeatedly self-harmed, and has now started physically hurting the people around her.

As for the Joanne ending, I understand your concerns with Sable's reaction, but I think it speaks more to his shock than anything. He hasn't seen her in months, now she's suddenly lost her demi-human aspects and taken on a new name. His inability to immediately adapt to her new name and appearance is unfortunate, but I don't see it as transphobic.

If that ending lasted a bit longer, then he might have gotten used to calling her by her new name. After having a chance to sit down and talk with her about her transformation, he might be able to accept that this is what she wants, and that what he called mutilation is actually something far more positive for her. Of course, the game ends before they have such a chance, so all we see is his initial failure to cope with this sudden change.

Anyway, if you view Sable's reaction in the Joanne ending as transphobic, then I can at least understand why. But I don't see how you can apply that to the rest of her route or the other endings. Their desire is to stop their self-harming friend, who's been overworking herself, not sleeping or eating properly, and violently attacked someone, from spiraling out of control any further.

Indeed, it is uncomfortable. It's supposed to be.

Jorou is self-harming, overworking and starving herself, and lashing out at others. The people close to her don't know what's going on with her, let alone how to help her.

Medication, counseling, and monitoring her condition? ("enslaved" as you put it)

Or to ignore her violent outburst and self-harm and just act like nothing happened?

They don't know the right answer. It's not a situation Sable or any of the main cast are equipped to deal with, nor do they grasp the depth of why she's acting this way.

I should point out that there is a third ending for Jorou. It was added in version 1.04.

It doesn't conclude the matter of her self identity, however. It's only in the Joanne ending that Sable really learns about that.

The third ending sets up the transition into Sable's Grimoire 2. That's where Jorou's route will continue (rather than as a separate game like for Lisha and Drakan) and her self-image will come up as part of her route, rather than just as an ending.

I've now uploaded an initial Android version.

The navigation menus will be difficult to use on a small screen, so I wouldn't recommend playing it in its current state on a device less than 5" in size. Aside from menu navigation it should all be okay though. I'll do some more work later this week to improve menu navigation.

Oh, that's weird. I thought I'd already done an Android version.

I'll take a look tomorrow. It might be that porting the GUI over was too difficult at the time.

I'll try to keep the forum/devlog feature here in mind for important posts and announcements. Steam is where most of the players are, so I often post things there and don't think to repeat them here.

Anyway, everything's still coming along. Not much to report except that it's still on track and being worked on regularly.

They won't necessarily be romantic routes, but there is indeed more content coming.

Eris/Raphael's route will be added to the main game, whereas Meara will be one of the routes in Sable's Grimoire 2 instead.

There's a rough timeline of when I expect things to be done here:

Thanks Kain! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's still going to be a few years yet before SG2 is done. You can find a lot more information on future plans here:

Not a direct sequel like Drakan and Lisha. Tix's route would continue into Sable's Grimoire 2.

I've just uploaded a new Android build which fixes an error some devices were having loading the main menu image for some reason. It also targets Android 10, so that warning should be gone.

Can you redownload the APK file and install it again?

What's the error?

Not really. There are a couple of CGs with slight nudity, but nothing explicit or sexual.

The sequels (Man And Elf, A Dragon's Treasure) each have a sex scene though.

Android build is now live.

No need to enable anything. It's on by default.

Yep. All the Itch downloads have the 18+ patch pre-installed.

New builds are up for all platforms with the side images fixed.

I've found the problem. I'll upload a fixed version when I get home tonight.

No, they should all be uncensored.

It should be, yes. All of the builds on Itch should be uncensored by default.

(If it turns out that it's not, I can upload a new build)

Yeah, Jorou could never have a super happy ending, with everything somehow working itself out and the past few years just vanishing into thin air. I think this is about the happiest her route could have reasonably ended.

Tix is the next route, since she was the most requested, and that'll still take a few months yet. But after that is undecided, so Eris might end up getting some more screen time in the future.

The Android version is uncensored. There's a setting on the preferences page to turn censorship on and off

Oh, I'm reading this. And there will be more ;)

I'm still mulling over a few possibilities, some of which are discussed here:

TL;DR: I'm working on a couple of new endings, there will probably be a Tix route, and for anything beyond that it's too soon to tell.

Do you remember any specific instances when the portrait flashed? It's a minor thing, but I'll fix it if I can.

Oops, you're right. Totally forgot about that. Changed it now, thanks!

It does. 50 decisions (each with 2 or 3 choices), though most choices only affect dialogue. There are 13 different endings based on the choices you make.

"Tomboy" does not equate to "lesbian", and I think the description makes it pretty clear what to expect from this game.

If you're after some yuri romance VNs:

I haven't checked, but there's very likely one in the Steam community forums (to save writing a second one).

I think this game is a bit too short for a demo.

You could watch a "Let's Play" instead though, if the idea of watching other people play isn't off-putting.

Sorry, I never got notified of this reply.

For the sake of anybody checking this thread, the answer is no. The game's content, be it on Steam or Itch, does not differ at all.

I believe the art was done in 4 weeks, though some may have been polished or added post-release (since it's up to version 1.11).

The writing was more like 1 week, IIRC. Not sure how long the translation took.

Music was creative commons (at least originally, might have been replaced), so who knows when that was done or how long it took.

So yeah, mostly done within 4 weeks. Sendo worked tirelessly on this one, and I think it really shows.

No, if you purchase Sickness on Itch, it does not come with a Steam key.

However, Sickness is currently on sale on Steam for the same amount as here, so if you'd rather the Steam version, you can still buy it there.

Hi Sin,

glad you enjoyed the demo. I hope the full game lives up to your expectations. Sickness is pretty long and eventful, so it branches out a lot more after the demo.

Sickness is actually on sale on Steam at the moment (35% off), and will be on sale again in a couple of months (50% off) both here and on Steam when the next update is released. There's no clear ETA for the next update, however, so I can't be more specific on the timeframe.

I think nf3 is saying (s)he won't play because DR is not open source.

Of course, most games here aren't, so it seems like a strange expectation to me.