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This one is just a short, free, kinetic VN. More along the lines of my other free games, rather than a lengthy commercial one like Sable's Grimoire.

JAST say that version 1.09 should be available now.

Hmm, I sent them the builds months ago. I'll try contacting them again.

She does have a route, but I wouldn't call the ending romantic. It's a Good End for her which will continue in Sable's Grimoire 2.

The game is still being updated here. It's a one-time purchase.

I linked to the Steam page because that's where the roadmap outlining the development of the Sable's Grimoire series is maintained. and other stores will continue to receive the same updates as the Steam version does.


There won't be any new story content added. ie. New routes/endings and such.

The only planned updates are maintenance builds to make sure the game keeps working with new platforms. eg. Mac M1 or Linux ARM machines.

Thanks, I've fixed that up now. For the Man And Elf page too.

I've uploaded a new build of the same name which fixes the choice problem.

I've quickly run through the game and the extra and didn't encounter any other errors, so I think it should be good now.

Hmm, alright. I'll try it out shortly and see if I can replicate that.

I've just uploaded a new build. It's called "Sickness (Android)" and should download a file called "games.zetsubou.sickness-release.apk"

Can you download and install that? You shouldn't need to uninstall first. It should keep your existing save data if you just install it over the top of the existing installation.

It's built with a much newer version of the game engine and targets a recent version of Android. In my testing this version fixed the error you've screenshotted above.

Thanks, I'll see what I can do.

Could you take a screenshot of one of the errors?

I'll try it tonight, but it might be because it was compiled for an old version of Android. I'll look at doing a new build soon.

I wish I had a better answer for you, but unfortunately nothing has changed since the last time that question was asked.

All I'm getting from the people porting the update is that it's being worked on. I don't have an ETA.

No, there will most likely be one more game in her route. It won't be until after Sable's Grimoire 2 is released though, so it's still a few years away.

Hi Arclighted, I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed Sable's Grimoire so much. I'll try to keep this relatively spoiler-free. The new content is coming to consoles at some stage... but it's in the hands of the company who port SG, so I don't know when it'll actually be done.

Rei's new ending isn't a double romance ending. It's not a romantic ending at all (though it's definitely a happier ending for Rei).

Whether other characters (including Rei) get their own games or not is yet to be decided. At the very least it wouldn't be until SG2 is done. Any hypothetical new games for different heroines would take place chronologically after SG2 and continue on from their routes in SG2. So in Rei's case it could potentially be SG1 (rei's route) -> SG2 (rei's route) -> new spin-off game.

That's how I'd see it playing out, though again, it's not decided yet. I won't rule out more heroine-specific games, but with the next two games in the series (SG2 and Project Homonculus) already announced I'd rather hold off on making any promises until they're done.

Alright, I've heard back from JAST. They'll be putting the update up in the coming week.

Apparently they've been having technical issues since the new website recently went up, so some things have been delayed.

I'll try getting into contact with JAST again and see if they can make the new builds live and/or verify your purchase (I don't have access to that information).

Which version are you currently on? If it's 1.08 or higher I could make a patch file.

I've provided a few updates to JAST recently, but I haven't heard anything back from them, so I'm not sure if they've actually made the new builds live. If they're still on 1.07 then I'll need to chase them up.

Can you take a screenshot of the patch file inside of the game folder, so I can see if you've got the right file in the right place?

Do you have the option of installing the 18+ DLC from Steam directly? If it's available in your region, that would be the easiest option. Steam should automatically put the file in the right place.

If not, it should be a matter of finding the game in your steam library, right clicking on it and going into Manage -> Browse local files. Then open the "game" folder and copy the .rpa file into that folder. The game needs to be restarted after that (if it's currently running).
Also, make sure you downloaded the patch from
If you downloaded it from somewhere else, it's possible that it's an old version of the patch made for a previous version of the game.


I think the client does auto updates as well?

In any case, if you send me your email address I can send you a Steam key. They take a day or two to generate/be approved, so there will be a little delay.

Which store did you get the game from? The version should come pre-patched, with "TNLT_adult_patch.rpa" already in the game folder.

Also, which platform? Windows, Mac, Linux, Android?

I don't think I'll be able to help with that then. Please contact Gamuzumi, they make the console ports and have far more knowledge on the consoles than I do

I've heard there's an issue when starting the game with a USB gamepad. Could you try starting with a wireless controller?

If that doesn't help, you may need to contact Gamuzumi. They publish the console port of Sable's Grimoire.

The app package name is the same as before, so if you still have the game installed, installing the new APK should update the existing application and keep the save data.

If you've uninstalled the app, then I'm not sure if the old save data will still be there.

Worst case scenario, if you don't have the old save data, you could enable skipping of "All Text" in preferences and just skip until you hit the new route.

Sorry, I don't think that's possible.

Your best bet might be to go into the Preferences page, change the skip setting to All Text, then skip until you get up to where you were on Android.

Hi Rance, I'm not currently looking to hire any translators.

That sounds reasonable to me. I hope that the continuation of Jorou's route in SG2 sheds a better light on all of this. The Joanne ending is obviously too brief to cover the breadth of the issues involved here, and doesn't do either character the courtesy of a proper discussion. SG2 is still a long way off, but I'll keep this conversation in mind for when it does reach that stage of development.

I feel like you're conflating the Joanne ending with the rest of her route and forgetting that the characters don't have the same insight into her situation that you now do.

It's easy to complete the Joanne ending and say "ah, so that's what she wants" and to look back over the rest of her route with that insight. But the characters in the game don't have that leisure. They don't know that she wants to become human; only that she keeps harming and denigrating herself. They don't link her self-harm with her not feeling comfortable in her own body; they only see self-destructive behavior.

Take the other ending, for instance. She isn't being confined because she wants to become someone else, or to stop her from undergoing such a transformation. She's confined because she's repeatedly self-harmed, and has now started physically hurting the people around her.

As for the Joanne ending, I understand your concerns with Sable's reaction, but I think it speaks more to his shock than anything. He hasn't seen her in months, now she's suddenly lost her demi-human aspects and taken on a new name. His inability to immediately adapt to her new name and appearance is unfortunate, but I don't see it as transphobic.

If that ending lasted a bit longer, then he might have gotten used to calling her by her new name. After having a chance to sit down and talk with her about her transformation, he might be able to accept that this is what she wants, and that what he called mutilation is actually something far more positive for her. Of course, the game ends before they have such a chance, so all we see is his initial failure to cope with this sudden change.

Anyway, if you view Sable's reaction in the Joanne ending as transphobic, then I can at least understand why. But I don't see how you can apply that to the rest of her route or the other endings. Their desire is to stop their self-harming friend, who's been overworking herself, not sleeping or eating properly, and violently attacked someone, from spiraling out of control any further.

Indeed, it is uncomfortable. It's supposed to be.

Jorou is self-harming, overworking and starving herself, and lashing out at others. The people close to her don't know what's going on with her, let alone how to help her.

Medication, counseling, and monitoring her condition? ("enslaved" as you put it)

Or to ignore her violent outburst and self-harm and just act like nothing happened?

They don't know the right answer. It's not a situation Sable or any of the main cast are equipped to deal with, nor do they grasp the depth of why she's acting this way.

I should point out that there is a third ending for Jorou. It was added in version 1.04.

It doesn't conclude the matter of her self identity, however. It's only in the Joanne ending that Sable really learns about that.

The third ending sets up the transition into Sable's Grimoire 2. That's where Jorou's route will continue (rather than as a separate game like for Lisha and Drakan) and her self-image will come up as part of her route, rather than just as an ending.

I've now uploaded an initial Android version.

The navigation menus will be difficult to use on a small screen, so I wouldn't recommend playing it in its current state on a device less than 5" in size. Aside from menu navigation it should all be okay though. I'll do some more work later this week to improve menu navigation.

Oh, that's weird. I thought I'd already done an Android version.

I'll take a look tomorrow. It might be that porting the GUI over was too difficult at the time.

I'll try to keep the forum/devlog feature here in mind for important posts and announcements. Steam is where most of the players are, so I often post things there and don't think to repeat them here.

Anyway, everything's still coming along. Not much to report except that it's still on track and being worked on regularly.

They won't necessarily be romantic routes, but there is indeed more content coming.

Eris/Raphael's route will be added to the main game, whereas Meara will be one of the routes in Sable's Grimoire 2 instead.

There's a rough timeline of when I expect things to be done here:

Thanks Kain! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's still going to be a few years yet before SG2 is done. You can find a lot more information on future plans here:

Not a direct sequel like Drakan and Lisha. Tix's route would continue into Sable's Grimoire 2.

I've just uploaded a new Android build which fixes an error some devices were having loading the main menu image for some reason. It also targets Android 10, so that warning should be gone.

Can you redownload the APK file and install it again?

What's the error?