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New builds are up for all platforms with the side images fixed.

I've found the problem. I'll upload a fixed version when I get home tonight.

No, they should all be uncensored.

It should be, yes. All of the builds on Itch should be uncensored by default.

(If it turns out that it's not, I can upload a new build)

Yeah, Jorou could never have a super happy ending, with everything somehow working itself out and the past few years just vanishing into thin air. I think this is about the happiest her route could have reasonably ended.

Tix is the next route, since she was the most requested, and that'll still take a few months yet. But after that is undecided, so Eris might end up getting some more screen time in the future.

The Android version is uncensored. There's a setting on the preferences page to turn censorship on and off

Oh, I'm reading this. And there will be more ;)

I'm still mulling over a few possibilities, some of which are discussed here:

TL;DR: I'm working on a couple of new endings, there will probably be a Tix route, and for anything beyond that it's too soon to tell.

Do you remember any specific instances when the portrait flashed? It's a minor thing, but I'll fix it if I can.

Oops, you're right. Totally forgot about that. Changed it now, thanks!

It does. 50 decisions (each with 2 or 3 choices), though most choices only affect dialogue. There are 13 different endings based on the choices you make.

"Tomboy" does not equate to "lesbian", and I think the description makes it pretty clear what to expect from this game.

If you're after some yuri romance VNs:

I haven't checked, but there's very likely one in the Steam community forums (to save writing a second one).

I think this game is a bit too short for a demo.

You could watch a "Let's Play" instead though, if the idea of watching other people play isn't off-putting.

Sorry, I never got notified of this reply.

For the sake of anybody checking this thread, the answer is no. The game's content, be it on Steam or Itch, does not differ at all.

I believe the art was done in 4 weeks, though some may have been polished or added post-release (since it's up to version 1.11).

The writing was more like 1 week, IIRC. Not sure how long the translation took.

Music was creative commons (at least originally, might have been replaced), so who knows when that was done or how long it took.

So yeah, mostly done within 4 weeks. Sendo worked tirelessly on this one, and I think it really shows.

No, if you purchase Sickness on Itch, it does not come with a Steam key.

However, Sickness is currently on sale on Steam for the same amount as here, so if you'd rather the Steam version, you can still buy it there.

Hi Sin,

glad you enjoyed the demo. I hope the full game lives up to your expectations. Sickness is pretty long and eventful, so it branches out a lot more after the demo.

Sickness is actually on sale on Steam at the moment (35% off), and will be on sale again in a couple of months (50% off) both here and on Steam when the next update is released. There's no clear ETA for the next update, however, so I can't be more specific on the timeframe.

I think nf3 is saying (s)he won't play because DR is not open source.

Of course, most games here aren't, so it seems like a strange expectation to me.