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That's understandable. :) I just finished my playthrough of it and I LOVED it! Sadly I don't know if the voice patch thing did anything different. I put it where I think it said to in the right place, but it never had my name voiced or anything. Still a good game though! Super heartwarming.

Will there ever be a NSFW DLC/extra game at any point?

I loved it! The art style, the music, the storyline, the action scenes, the dialogue. Everything was top notch! I'm glad I decided to spend $10 on this, and I honestly hope for a sequel or side-story of sorts someday.

I like the concept, but the gameplay is very stale, boring, and it doesn't hold my attention very long...

Is this useable without VR headset? ;u;


This game doesn't work, and the EXE file can't be removed from my computer.

Can't play it. Damn. I don't have x64. :/

Yes it did ;n; I don't know what to do to fix it.

I didn't really like the voice acting. It was good, but not great. I liked the effort, and I loved the synopsis and routes. The art and music were both amazing. <3

Waiting for an English release of the game. :<

The art style was different, but it brought the entire story together since it had that feudal feel to it. The story was beautifully written, and the added conflicts were amazingly done. The characters were all loveable (even the baddies) and unique in their own ways. I loved the development of the main two characters, though. Kou and Chiyo are adorable together. I think my only complaint is, it felt too short for me. I wanted it to last longer.

This game was pretty intriguing, and comical. The art was really good, but my only issue is that some of the scenes were halfassed (such as the sketched scene with Estelle). My favorite character has to be Dawn.

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I really wish I had the money to buy the full game. I was on the edge of my seat playing the demo. It was SO good. And it left off at just the right point in the story. I'm definitely going to invest in purchasing this as soon as I can! GREAT work! I loved the artstyle, the characters, and my god is the story both fantastically written and incredibly captivating. The music, too!

Where did you find the font, by the way? Googling the filename doesn't help... x.x

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Will you be doing a sequel at any point? Also, is there a way to save the backgrounds from the PDF as... well, actual full-size backgrounds?

I adore this game so much! I love your art style, I love the creativity!

What font did you use for this game? Is it the same one used in the art collection PDF?