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My new game

A topic by Aske4 created 16 days ago Views: 75 Replies: 1
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Hello guys! I am a Ukrainian military man. I am working on my new project during the weekends. Going to create a folk horror game with Slavic mythology's monsters and magic puzzles. Now I have only a base code and I will have a lot of work to create really interesting project.

What do you think about this idea and maybe you may propose something for inspiration? Feel free to text me! Have a nice day


Now I have finished with the base mechanics in my project. 

Light of Rune

First up, we have the Light of Rune mechanic. Players can now harness this powerful energy to dazzle the monsters to avoid them.

  • Rune Attacks: Players can use the Light of Rune to launch attacks against monsters.
  • Energy Management: The Light of Rune is a finite resource that players need to manage wisely, ensuring they always have enough power to fend off enemies
Examine Objects for Hints

One of the core elements of the game is exploration and discovery. Players can now examine objects throughout the game world to uncover hints.

  • Interactive Environment: Objects of interest will prompt a closer look, offering insights and clues that are essential for solving puzzles.

Item Collection: Players can now pick up various items scattered throughout the game. These can range from guns and keys that unlock new hints and locations.