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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

stacked Items on the floor always reduced to 1 (after save & quit)

A topic by Unlimiteddd created Jan 23, 2019 Views: 135 Replies: 2
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Hello! Like suggested in the FAQ, i post the bug to help:

It is happening each time to me (Win 10 x64 pro), and it is easy to reproduce:

Set a pile of items (the same ones obviously, if not it doesn't "stack") on the floor... (if you pick it up after wihtout "save & quitting", no problem... there are here with the right numbers for the stack)... but save & quit... and even without exiting the game (on the menu), load the current game and you will see the item on the floor but there is only "one"! the stack is gone! (the first time i lost 5 artifact! :-O OMG! lol)

I tested with artifacts, wood... same thing; i think it is the case for every items in the game. I think the autosave doesn't include the number of items on the floor for the stack. (may be easy to resolve! B-]

Glad to Help! =^^=



I just reproduced that very easily, can't believe hadn't noticed it before.  Figured out the issue this evening, was a leftover bug from my last round of item stack refactoring. Will get the fix out in the next update asap. Thank you for posting it!

If the game's cheating you of precious resources, cheat back by using the F1 console -> "giveItem researchObject 5"  ;)

Groooovy! ;-D (F1 console: Yeah, i tested the future rocket that way! B-) héhéhé)

If i see other "evident" bugs like that, i will post it. I test/write & debug some games & progz from times to times so i have the "alert eye" :-P

Thankx for this awesome little game by the way! =^^= (always dreamed of a little/happy futurist cute survival game with a cat in it! <3 ) 

Happy to help to make it better!