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Ludum Dare upload HELP!

A topic by angelofdeath1000 created Aug 29, 2016 Views: 322 Replies: 5
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This is my first time uploading a ludum dare game, usually the coder does this but he get fed up with it not working so I'm giving it a crack. What actually needs to be in teh html file that I upload with teh .zip, as I've got it uploaded (I think,) but nothing displays on the page.



We only support zip files for HTML game embeds. I see that you've uploaded a rar file. Also configure your page to be HTML, otherwise the zip file will only be available as a download.

Even with a zip file and the page configured to be HTML it still doesn't work, I changed it so that at least the would be available to download, also it wouldn't let me have 2 zip files with one set to download and 1 set to HTML so I had to upload a second file with the rar set to download.

I've just turned the HTML one back on back on and all I get it an empty area on the page where the game should be.


I just checked the zip you uploaded and it's an empty .html file along with a Windows executable in a sub directory. A game can only be played in the browser if it's written in JavaScript & HTML.

Ok, well I have no idea what needs to be in the .html fine to make it run the .exe...

The coder probably does, but he gave up trying to get it working as nothing he tried worked (I just do the art).

Thanks tho, I'll see if he's up to trying to get the web version working when he's around.


It's not possible to run an exe file in a web browser. If you using unity then you can export the game as HTML and JavaScript.