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A retro first person shooter with roguelike elements · By MaxwellSalmon

level editor

A topic by th3ch33z1t created Jan 16, 2019 Views: 143 Replies: 3
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Hello let me start out b y saying i love your game! the movement is fluid and so realistic! however i dont know why but when i try to use the level editor i just get an empty black screen. If you can help plz let me know. 

sincerely th3ch33z1t

Developer (1 edit)

Hello, I am glad you like it. I am not sure why you experience that. What operating system are you using? And does the console (command prompt) open? - The level editor need some console input in order to work. 
Try to take a look at this image: - It should explain the process.

I hope it works for you :-)

I just remembered, there is also a manual within the DUGA folder called Manuals.txt. It has some information on how to use the editor, if you get stuck :-)


Ahh it was a command prompt thanks for that! =)


I am glad it worked! Feel free to share your maps. I would love to try them out :-)