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found out about this from your YT and a suggestion  i have is to make a minigame, or a seprate mode entirely, thats open world. its very fun and a blast but it felt alot like an open world game

is this running on a custom engine or no? if not what is it called?

also very nice game, i did glitch it out or somethingwhen i first started, i died in level 1 then somehow ended up in level 2.

use arrow keys for turning and going forwards and back, space for opening doors or firing, left control for firing or opening doors. If you want to use mouse then wasd to move and strafe, e to open, and mouse to turn and shoot

This is a very nice game made with RGM, but there are some things that can definetly be improved, the controls for one, mouse look with arrow key controls doesnt work well. the shotgun guys should be easy to kill, not more than 5 shots. I use RGM and i know its a hard thing to use to make a good game. just needs improvements is all

aaah thanks man :) RGM is a pain but its fun to use

sorry but for me something has gone wrong. I will take this down soon so i can fix it.

WDC community · Replied to Fascimania in HELP!

I figured it out after I made the reply, just forgot to post it here

WDC community · Replied to Fascimania in HELP!

im editing maps, after i edit, I click file then save as


WDC community · Replied to Fascimania in HELP!

i believe so

WDC community · Created a new topic HELP!

my saves arent saving. they keep going back to original.

no problem!

for some reason the enemy textures arent loading for me.

nearly done! just gotta finish the boss and it will be done!

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v2 is done! next update is the full game!

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I figured out how to add my own sounds! next update is soon!

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thats cool how it all takes place in the same map. also how did you make it so smooth? isnt RGM limited to 5 frames? tell me your secrets

I actually got scared quite a lot from the zombies! very fun and a blast to play!

Also I found a glitch, the enemys with no weapon can still hurt you if they are stuck on a door and you are away from them.

cant wait!

cant wait! also a lot of the problems i mentoined, mainly health, are not problems anymore as I played longer.

let me say this is friggin sweet but, as there always is, there is some issues, level design is confusing and doesnt quite suit the movement, I found myself with so little health most of thetime due to the lack of health and i ended up not using the smg as its fire rate and damage and recoil was quite awful, I would suggest maybe turn it into an assault rifle maybe? also maybe give the player a weak but infinite ammo pistol at the start, like with DooM 2016 and add something similar to an auto map. This is a great game and most of what I said is really just problems I had and ideas I had.

by possibly I mean if you could make the art in a voxel art maker, since the title is voxelstein after all

That's a problem I seem to have, small maps on my games. Also think you could possibly fo voxel weapons and enemy's? I noticed my computer started to slow down and lag when playing it so that could help when someone with a lower end computer plays it.

FireMan community · Created a new topic Development
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Hello! Development has been lacking as of late. I am having a hard time deciding on levels so it will be a while before an update

very nice! however I got lost quite easily

Ahh it was a command prompt thanks for that! =)

DUGA community · Created a new topic level editor
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Hello let me start out b y saying i love your game! the movement is fluid and so realistic! however i dont know why but when i try to use the level editor i just get an empty black screen. If you can help plz let me know. 

sincerely th3ch33z1t