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hope i dont keep you waiting forever!

figured you guys deserved an update on the game

thats smart and cool!

thank you so much for your comment! im glad that my projects inspire or atleast seep into peoples minds. im hard at work on part 2 then its on to part 3!

very nice. saw the twist coming but enjoyed it anyways!

game looks fun and id love to play it but i was wondering, have you put this game on TheGameCrafters?


amazing game! absolute blast to play! wish the guns and zombies made noise as its a bit weird to have just the music to me

very nice map! performance isnt the best but still a fun game!

thank you!

fun little demo. cant wait for the full game! i do have some feedback regarding weapons. shotgun fires too fast slowing it down would make it feel more impactful. MP40 could use some recoil as it stands it doesnt feel all that great to use as every other weapon has recoil but not it.

not bad. environments are alright but the animations are awesome! however the game is not nice to the player, lack of health pickups along with the weak weapons and tanky enemies i just cant enjoy it as much as i wish i could. still not a bad game!

fun game! song is also great!

it was quite fun!

that worked. thank you!

oh so i would turn the dial to *** then start following the code? alright ill give it a try

yeah i did LR then turned to ** then LL then turned to *** then did RL and it didnt work. messed around with that combo and nothing worked

looks fun but cant figure out the generator puzzle. tried everything i could with the combo but nothing was working

could this be played with the soldiers from Risk?

thanks! im planning on remaking this with another engine (EFPSE) sometime in the future

played a bit of the first level, game has promise but my biggest issue was the turrets, especially in that valley part of the first level. was getting hit by a turret and could barely see it so having a range for the turrets would help a lot

thank you! theres more in the works so keep an eye out

yes it will be fine

thank you! I plan on making 2 more parts which wont be as short but still fun packed!

is there only 2 levels? im on the second level and ive destroyed everything and nothings happened

make sure there arent any spaces in any names for starters

thanks and yeah thats the plan lol

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Hey guys, head over to the proper page since Part 1 is finally out!

fun little game

nice! also would it be possible to add a feature that lets us edit the guns values? like how much ammo it has, how much damage it does, etc?

i posted a level i made with this!

I found the Qube Engine when i decided to take a look at the engines here on itch and it peaked my interest.

I decided to make the first public level with the program to kinda bring attention to it and for fun.

if you decide to make edits to the map dont be afraid to make a post here and link it!

doesnt seem to work. i just get a black scree

interesting tool. fun to mess with

this has been a great and fun series. that intro was very neat but the audio and video got desynced (might have been a problem on my end tho but im not sure)

np, im honestly surprised at how well you got the look and feel down, if it wasnt for the Unity splash screen you could probably fool someone into thinking this was a real 90s game

feels and looks like it came straight from DOS but there is an issue with the gun that makes the female aliens almost impossible to deal with once they start kicking ya, once they get right up on ya you almost cant hit em, i kept shooting past em even though they were right in front of me. still its a fun game that truly is a "retro FPS"