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Another Great Horror!

A topic by DatMasterHunts created Jan 14, 2019 Views: 172 Replies: 1
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I will say! This was short but sweet, and I was not expecting the murderer to track where you were at on the map. However I found that you can exploit him by just going around the hotel and just doing the objectives by itself so he wasn't that scary unless you went inside his running range or figuring that out by yourself. Though I will say it was worth making a video on the game regardless!


Thanks DatMasterHunts! The killer is definitely more withdrawn in this, having expended much energy in Northbury Grove. (As Connor from the first game is escaping the parking lot, Trevor is waking up and starting to explore the now abandoned motel.) If you want a more difficult experience, I definitely suggest launching the game from 12 - 1 AM. This is called "Midnight Mode" and it's a tougher experience. It even has an entirely revamped soundtrack!