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Here you go! How do I put this lightly...That transforming killer annoyed the ever-loving hell out of me. No joke it took me like idk...2 days to make this video. Not because of the editing, but just due to the fact that I'm not a bright cookie apparently! Still a great halloween indie title! 

This had to be done. I could not stop laughing at some of the scenes. I was crying. Please make the third one great! 

Seriously. I screamed so badly that my recording in a part actually got corrupt'd. Me and my big baby emotions! Anyway! I do enjoy the atmosphere of the whole game! Definitely a selling point of this indie game! Plus that little detail with VHS, and how you can remove it if you don't like it. I gave it a try, but the optimization was bad so I decided against it when I came across the killer.

Gosh! I had to replay this game again! I noticed my name is on the front for Youtubers! NICE! But you may want to look...You put my name twice...Not saying that it's bad of course! I wished you kept the intro where Viktor talked before going back into the pitch blackness though.  Definitely still a great game! It was awesome to see how much it's gotten big!

Stating before I say anything else about this game....I legit lost my voice when I played this one. Definitely didn't yell like 5 million times in this one. Although I did enjoy this title! And the voice actor actually sounded like the who does the voices from We Happy Few! Definitely a game to play!

Dave...You never seem to run out of idea's for these games! I do wish you make a hard version of this. Maybe they run faster around the map, or maybe Smitty can come out of the grave when you do his or something. I would love that! Thanks for the quality content! 

Fun little game! Especially when you don't think it's hard. You will soon realize that being calm is the key. Definitely I didn't do that in my play through however! Although its a damn good game if you are bored! 

No words can explain the amount of pain I was in during this video...There was annoying steps, a sexy sounding door, a penis joke here and there...I did enjoy it, for as something like this type of horror. Minus the fact I was having a cow 24/7 in the game about the sounds. This was surprising well made for the time span! 


What do I say about this game? I did love the whole silent hill/resident evil vibe you had going for this specific horror indie title! It really brings together something special! But even for a demo I wish I had more of the story. Besides the whole why did I come here in the first place in the game. As well as pacing was a massive concern, yet I'm pretty sure you got a bit of comments from that aspect of the game! Although it was a good small demo, it took me 2 hours to figure out what the hell I was doing until the zombies started to drop statues. Even adding the hitboxes were a tad bit weird at times with headshots. Overall, I did enjoy it even though I had a cow in the video!

Second game on the games I played in this video! However! I loved the comedic style you had going here! Especially when it came to the sound effects. I loved to hear each one played out in the game. It kinda had weird vibes on me, but I did enjoy gathering the 6 bottles.

Now! I didn't get the chance to play the original which was sad, I must go back and play the original of it as well! However for what it's worth, it is definitely a game to play regardless! Dave standard of perfection, nothing less!

As a 72 hour game, this is pretty enjoyable! I love the simple idea, and it flowed well for how much time you put into this! But god those birds man! 

My GOD DOGGING GOSH! (Yes...I did say that) I will say this was a great game! The rage aspect of the game was wonderful to play, even though I raged at Bob 24/7 in my video. Plus there was 3 different people to go through after you finish one of them! That was a nice touch as well for an indie title!

This was a great platformer! Especially when it comes to the idea of it. 

Definitely a highlight of my day...God I love butt smashing into buttons.

Oh...Karen...Oh. You are such the savage in the game. I gotta say, you did very well on this short game! I thought it was going to be another dating simulator type, but then I got slapped at every step and the background changes! The attention to detail was great through my gameplay.

For a demo, this is not half bad of a game! I loved the feeling of the background noises! I felt like I was going to get attacked any second, and that make it worse when you were on the computer. It was also pretty crafty to actually have the computer itself, and you outside. Like say Fnaf 3, you got attacked by an nightmare and you got stunned. It works well with how you did it in my opinion. I wished it didn't take so much time to actually get the robot out of the room however. That part did test my state of mind for sure! 

Ah...Well. Let's see! I screamed like a little baby, check. I commented about the loud "intense" music, check...Oh! And I also got jumpscared like 10 times in this video, Check! It was a great one. 

It was...I was questioning myself as I was playing this game, and it wasn't really bad. The writing was good and also the music wasn't some crappy stock song (in my opinion). If you want to check out my reaction! It's in the 2nd part of the video I made here.

Took a look at this game...Decided to make a pointless 3 minute part of this game on a 3 free game video...Shocked someone kept their game app. opened for soooo long! Well! If you want to check it out. I put mine in part 3 of the video here!

So! I decided to take a look at this little game. I actually got annoyed by the knife. Not going to lie...But other than that It's a game that if you want to waste a few minutes on. Try it out!

I loved it! It was a challenge for sure! Maggie Simpson was sure a challenge to actually take on! The first time you go against her you get confused soooo much! I do recommend it for anyone that actually wants to play a nice challenging horror game!

Well! I definitely actually hurt my throat playing this game...I love screaming, but jesus!

I really hope it does get funded, I did back it up with $5! Definitely worth playing this demo. Plus I loved (hated) the jumpscares! I am happy there was no playmate.

Oh god the books were annoying. I swear in all that is holy...I replayed it a few times because of the bug with Sam's phone, and every time the books got me.

Instant 10/10 for me. Definitely reminds me of goat simulator! As well as replay value added on. The customization was probably the selling point, which was hilarious!

I truly hate mannequins, even ones that walk or even run at you to actually kill you. I didn't realize there was shooting....let's say I got very spooped.

I remembered all the way back when you did 3am at the krusty krab. You really out did yourself with this piece of work! Congrats! 

Don't worry! I got it on steam!

I honestly thought this is a challenging game, and I also went and bought the steam version as well! Definitely worth playing this! 

There was some things that glitched out like sounds, and a monster with a door. Though it was a quality game! I didn't expect some voice acting and stuff! Plus the noises are actually well put together! Plus with the added 5 different endings and also SO many monsters to fight!

Ah. Well! Not sure if this was meant to rage me. But it worked! Not gonna lie, it was a all around good experience, and it reminds me of Octodad. Definitely something to look forward to for a full game.

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That actually gave me a few spoopy reactions! After I knew that Viktor can move when you are in a problem actually terrified me as well! Which made me mess up a lot on problems! As well as the horrifying sounds in the background and picture changing really got to me as well! This is a fan game done right! 

First of all...I cried. I cried like a baby after the video ended. I lost my mom when I was 13. And my sister 3 months after my mom. This is a stunning, and beautiful game, and I was happy I was given the chance to play it. Thank you for making such a game.

So, what did I think of this game...I did really enjoy the mechanics. It's simple, and yet it's enjoyable to play over and over again. Never had any issues with the game, or bugs when I was playing through it!

So you know...I actually replayed this and put a little twist on it actually. GOD! This challenge was a terrible and horrible idea. But I'm an great idiot, so it works. 

As a good little 15 minute game, I do love the atmosphere. Especially because it is a retro type of game. You really don't get a mass of retro games, even as indie made ones. As well as the ending, I loved that twisty bits of that. 

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Here is my run down on the game. I do love it, and I may have spent more time after the video playing this game. It's that good of a game. For an indie game, it's has it's flaws of course. Examples would be that it's a tad bit too empty, or I would love to see more detail about enemies or your character. My overall thoughts that it is a good 8/10 game for me. It's not bad don't get me wrong, but the emptiness is bad for replay value.