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Them & Us

Hardcore, survival horror game. · By Tendogames

A Quick Tasteful Reply

A topic by DatMasterHunts created Aug 23, 2018 Views: 136
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What do I say about this game? I did love the whole silent hill/resident evil vibe you had going for this specific horror indie title! It really brings together something special! But even for a demo I wish I had more of the story. Besides the whole why did I come here in the first place in the game. As well as pacing was a massive concern, yet I'm pretty sure you got a bit of comments from that aspect of the game! Although it was a good small demo, it took me 2 hours to figure out what the hell I was doing until the zombies started to drop statues. Even adding the hitboxes were a tad bit weird at times with headshots. Overall, I did enjoy it even though I had a cow in the video!