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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain 路 By adamgryu

This game sold me on getting the bundle

A topic by Kai Medina created 44 days ago Views: 176 Replies: 6
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and I'm so glad I did! I mean the cause I would have supported anyway, but this is such a fun relaxing game that represents what I would make if I could.


Supporting terrorism

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Children are not terrorists  馃憤

The main charity raters out there approve the legitimacy of the charity as well. In fact I have seen not one logical piece of evidence to the contrary that has to do with this specific organization and I don't work off of hate or unbacked misinformation.


I agree but that money is not going to the kids bro

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stop throwing away things without proof, especially about humanitary actions

(+ the actual terrorists are the ones who kill thousands children in weeks, those that you are helping with your mcdonald and starbuck)


Do I really need proof when the Palestinians children are starving in Gaza while their leaders are living in Qatar with more net worth then Benjamin netanuayo ? Also didnt you see the videos of Hamas taking over the food truck supplies ?

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ok so u mean that the donations sometimes finish in the pocket of government but they don't use the money to help palestinian people -which is true, in fact

But its not the case for all donations, and this should not be a way for israel or anyone to discriminate palestinian cause. Isra毛l still organize embargo and don't want of these donations for sure

Also I didn't see ur videos