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Packet Racket

A fun game based on Pong, built with the Godot Engine using free and open source tools. · By Opaque Media

Gameplay Video

A topic by Dito Kurnia P created Jan 12, 2019 Views: 57 Replies: 3
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Hello, I'm enjoying playing your game and I made short gameplay video about your game on Peertube.

Gameplay Video:

Thank you for making this game :-)

Aww, you're welcome :')

I really wish I still had the code, because I was planning on several great things for Packet Racket, since it was first being developed:

  • Powerups like fast ball, or flaming ball, maybe a ball you actually have to dodge, or making your paddle twice as wide
  • Online games (hence why it was named Packet Racket)
  • Customizable colors
  • Fullscreen
  • and much more.

I'm really sorry I stopped working on the game. It was primarily because I was new to Godot. I'm working on some more really interesting games that will all be available again on all platforms, and some games for free. They will be published on this account I'm replying from. I'm working on a futuristic pixel art space combat simulator (look for Star Raid) and "The Turing Machine" which is a game which visualizes how computers work and how anything can be computed with eight simple instructions.


Thank you for making great game. I will wait your game and play it. Have a nice day.