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Dito Kurnia P

A member registered Jan 07, 2018

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Thank you for helping me.

I have seen the "test" language and try to change the language to other language. But in the game, its not change.

It is still "TEST Music: ..."

This is the translation script:

Do I have to change "soundtext = ("TEST Sound: ")" to "soundtext = _("TEST Sound: ")" so the language change?

Hello, I'm using your tool. I want to translate the text caption but I can't. I test it in your demo project but the text still not translated. Please help me, I don't understand with this...

Hello, I'm using music, I'm load the music, and then when I play the game music is not playing. This is bug? or not?

Hello, excuse me. I'm using your add-on, but  I'm not very understand English and I have a problem.

1st problem:
About alias. When I'm using ":" in the alias "alias : "Song Title",". I have error message, so I change ":" to this "=", and then the error is disappear.

2nd problem:
About "$ play_sfx()" and "$ play_music()". I have error message, but I don't understand the meaning. But I can ignore the message and the sound and music still play.

3rd problem:
The character name is disappear, and I don't know how to fix this.

4th problem:
The font in Help Menu and in the dialogue is more big than other font. And I don't know how to fix this.

Please help me with this problem. Maybe you can make video so I can more understand how to use this add-on.

I'm using Ren'Py v7.3.0.271 on Linux Lite 4.2

Thank you for making great game. I will wait your game and play it. Have a nice day.

Hello. My suggestion is add Linux and Mac OS version

Hello, do you have plan to make this game available for Linux and Mac?

Oh... And how to fix this?

Please add fullscreen support or game resolution setting :-)

Hello, I'm enjoying playing your game and I made short gameplay video about your game on Peertube.

Gameplay Video:

Thank you for making this game :-)

Hello, I made short gameplay video about this game. I like this type of game (platformer game). Thank you for making this fun game.

Gameplay video on Peertube:

Yeah, thank you for the fullscreen tip and make this game :-)

Hello, I play your game and made gameplay video on Peertube. I like your game especially the story and pixel art, but I have little thing that I don't like such as the text is almost hard to read and the resolution of the game is too small.

This is the gameplay video:

Thank you very much for making this game :-)

Okay, thank you very much for answering my question

[BUG] Can't Open the Game on Linux

Error message from Terminal:
./mushromtowers_linux: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

My system specs:
OS: Lubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit

Hello, do you have any plan to make this game support on Linux and MacOS?

[BUG] Can't open the Linux version because there is no data folder.

Error message in Terminal:

Set current directory to /home/dito/Documents/Games
Found path: /home/dito/Documents/Games/SnoozlePooz.x86_64
There is no data folder

My system specs:
OS: Lubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit

Hello. I make gameplay video about your game. I like the pixel art and the music. Thank you for making this game. Here is the video (Peertube) :

Note: I'm sorry if my English is bad.

Hello, I'm make a gameplay video. I love your game. I love the art style in this game. Have good story. Here is the video (Peertube) :

Note : I'm sorry if my English is bad.

Hello again, thank you for fixing the game, now I can play the game.

Sorry for late reply, and thank you very much for reading my report.

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Hello, I download the Linux version but on my laptop it is error. This is the error message after I tried to run the game:

ATailAboutTail: relocation error: /tmp/.mount_ATailALNQf3d/usr/lib/ symbol _dl_exception_create, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference

Thank you for reading this.

I download the game from website, not from the itch app.

My System specs:

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-Bit

2 Gb RAM

Ok, thank you for making this game.

Hello, I make gameplay video from your game. I hope in the future the story be more long.

Note: I'm sorry if my English is bad.

Hello, I made gameplay video about your game. I like it, simple game, fun. But, it only need more level.

Note: Sorry if my English is bad.