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Question about desktop version

A topic by MrPurpleSnap created Jan 11, 2019 Views: 1,143 Replies: 8
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When will the desktop version come out (or when is it generally planned to)? I've been wanting to customize the wards types in the city (so the building sizes are more consistent) but I can't in the online version.


I hope to release the initial desktop version within 2-3 months. It will be a rewritten  from scratch, but it won't include too many new features. After that if everything is all right I'll start adding new functionality.


man i am new to this site but this is is exactly what i am looking for how much would you charge for a desktop version?


I honestly don't know. I'll have to check how much they charge for similar applications if there are any.

This is a great app bro I'd buy it in a heartbeat



i registered on just to say here that i would also buy this in a heartbeat.

this is gold.

i repeated this to the RPG playing friend and colleague next to me like 7 times as soon as he opened the browser page in front of me.

we also said:

"- can i say it once more please?

- go on.

- this is gold."

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Fantastic stuff mate. would it be possible at some point to add the ability to have a citadel within the town walls ** just seen a post about this already lol i should learn to read before i post ;)


Just stumbled on this a couple of days ago.  For a DM (and aspiring author) ginning up his own home-brew campaign world, this absolutely rocks!  Definitely would like a desktop version, and would be willing to pay.

In addition to being able to locate the castle, it would be nice to be able to specify some other things, like setting the paths of rivers manually, but this will definitely make creating cities, towns and villages sooooooooo much cleaner and easier for me!  Thank you!