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First, I love your on-line version, it's great. I came here to specifically request a Desktop App that I could purchase, but it looks like you're already on that path. Thank you, this is something that I, and many other gamers, have a tremendous use for. 

One of the things you didn't mention, but would be very nice too, would be to include a demographics generator that would show the population based on the size of the city and a selectable 'Population Density', then list the number of each type of establishment to be found in the city of various types (taverns, cobblers, armorers, swordsmiths, tailors, etc). There are a number of "Medieval Demographics Generators" out there which produce this sort of info, but it was be perfect to integrate it with an actual map that showed distance scale.

A possibility is to release what you have as a Desktop App to be paid for, then perhaps, let people pay more for each upgrade. Kickstarter works great too, though. Count me in!

Once you are ready to release the Desktop App, an important place to sell it from is '' and '', where it will reach a huge audience of people who will want it and can purchase it.