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Ren'Py Gallery Framework

A (hopefully) easy way to add a CG gallery to your Ren'Py game · By bobcgames

Really thanks for your work

A topic by Hooldrafolk created 59 days ago Views: 49 Replies: 4
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I put it in my game, it's awesome! I'm really noob in this so you help me a lot.

Now I'm go crazy because I want to put some hard-to-find figures in my scenes that, once clicked, unlock the image in gallery. I try by mself, in any case thanks a lot.


Glad you found it useful!

If you're familiar with screen language (and particular how to use screens), you just need something like:

screen click_to_unlock():
     textbutton "Click me to unlock a CG" action Function(bobcgallery_unlockshow, "thecgname")

Which will show a CG named "thecgname" on screen (until clicked to dismiss) and unlock it in the gallery. (Your button will likely actually want to be an imagebutton rather than a textbutton, placed at a specific location. And you'll of course need to show the click_to_unlock screen like any other screen.)

Alternately, if you want to unlock a CG without showing it, just do:

screen click_to_unlock():
      textbutton "Click me to unlock a CG" action Function(bobcgallery_unlockonly, "thecgname")

I know nothing about programming lol, totally noob, my whole game is like this:

     scenes bg_new_home

     with dissolve

     a "text"

     c "text"


Now, for put some pepper on my kinetic novel, I want to put in a secret gallery. If you find a little creature hide in my scenes you unlock an image in your gallery.

But, in my game scenes are the images, all of the characters ecc are in background, in a single image.

So, with shift D and coordinate locator I want to do invisible hotspot in my scenes, later on I modify my images for put in that some hiding creature.

User can click on them if they find them and an image is unlocked, maybe with a text over that reclaim it.

I don't know if hotspot working with my VN because if you click everywhere you continue with the game, there is not a "static" pause in my game.

Sorry for my english, I wish I'm explaining well my issues.


Yeah, you'll need to use screens to do that, and add the clickable "hotspots" in screens

I'd recommend finding a general tutorial on point-and-click games in renpy, because what you want to do is basically that. You would simply replace the action on the hotspot items with the above (such as action Function(bobcgallery_unlockonly, "thecgname"))

I'll try that in my next update, thanks a lot