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Finished! Really nice, good luck.

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Fooocus with Anime preset! Thanks for your kind words.

it works! Really thanks a lot!

But you think that my code for choose names and roles is right? I have to admit, is from chat gpt 4 lol. Sorry if I bother you.

ok I'll try it tonight, but when I give it that "persistent" it always gives me a yellow underline saying that I haven't defined the persistents, I'll see if it works like that

you mean this? $ renpy.end_replay() 

If you talk about the exit button nope, I don't have it in my replays

## Replay Gallery screen ######################################
## This is a simple screen that shows buttons that replay a scene from the game.
init python:
    maxthumbx = config.screen_width / (3 + 1)
    maxthumby = config.screen_height / (3 + 1)
    replay_page = 0
    class ReplayItem:
        def __init__(self, thumbs, replay, name):
            self.thumbs = thumbs
            self.replay = replay
   = name
        def num_replay(self):
            return len(self.thumbs)
    #add replay items here format below
    #Replay_items.append(ReplayItem(["the thumbnail"], "the_label_from_code", "brief description"))
    Replay_items = []
    Replay_items.append(ReplayItem(["images/gallery/firstfall.jpg"], "firstfall", "{color=#000}Monica fall 1{/color}"))
    Replay_items.append(ReplayItem(["images/gallery/patreon.jpg"], "patreon", "{color=#000}Patreon explaination{/color}"))
# a black background screen for the selection
image black = "#000"
#the locked image for the replay gallery if you're using the gallery you can use the same (if you want to)
image replay_locked = "images/gallery/replay_lock.png"
#384x216 (16x9) set 1280x720p for the lock and thumbnails
#600x338 (16x9) set 1920x1080 for the lock and thumbnails
#replay thumbnails images setup defined here

You're right, I have to insert more choices but remember that this is a kinetic novel with no narrative branches at all. It's my first game and it's hard to start with a more complex choice based narrative. About animations it's true, sadly I learned after some animations how to freeze the rest of the scene to move only what I want (you can see yourself that some animations are on point), in next updates I rework some of the old animations for this reason. Thanks for your honest opinion!

yes, this evening I post it here, thanks

Here is the code if you can put an eye on it:

default nome_protagonista = "Andrew"
default nome_landlady = "landlady"
default nome_ruolo = "tenant"
define gui.dialogue_text_outlines = [ (1.5, "#000000a8", 0, 0) ]
define gui.name_text_outlines = [ (1.5, "#000000a8", 0, 0) ]
define p = DynamicCharacter('nome_protagonista', color="#3d3dca") # Blu per il protagonista
define l = DynamicCharacter('nome_landlady', color="#ff69b4") # Rosa per la landlady
define s = DynamicCharacter('nome_ruolo', color="#00ff3c") 
define c = Character('Clarissa', color="#FFA500") define m = Character('Margot', color="#fcfc00") define j = Character('Jennifer', color="#17c2bc") screen inserisci_nome_protagonista():     zorder 100     vbox:         align (0.5, 0.5)         text "Before starting this journey, what is your name?"         input default nome_protagonista value VariableInputValue("nome_protagonista") length 20         textbutton "Confirm" action Return() screen inserisci_nome_landlady():     zorder 100     vbox:         align (0.5, 0.5)         text "Another important question, what is your landlady for you?"         input default nome_landlady value VariableInputValue("nome_landlady") length 20         textbutton "Confirm" action Return() screen inserisci_nome_ruolo():     zorder 100     vbox:         align (0.5, 0.5)         text "And you for her?"         input default nome_ruolo value VariableInputValue("nome_ruolo") length 20         textbutton "Confirm" action Return() screen check_age_screen():     zorder 100     vbox:         align (0.5, 0.5)         text "This game deals with themes not suitable for minors."         text "Have you reached the legal age in your country?"         textbutton "Yes" action Return()         textbutton "No" action Quit(confirm=False) # Inizio della storia  
                label start:     call screen check_age_screen     call screen inserisci_nome_protagonista     call screen inserisci_nome_landlady     call screen inserisci_nome_ruolo     $ persistent.nome_protagonista = nome_protagonista     $ persistent.nome_landlady = nome_landlady     $ persistent.nome_ruolo = nome_ruolo

Ok found it, works like a charm! Now I have the only issue with roles

Yes, even deleted persistent and started again from scratch but nothing. Maybe has something to do with that "3" above like there is an error?

Of course! Always try out the demo first

I made these changes as you say;

Main script after call screen:

And in replay.rpy this change:

But doesnt work ç_ç

whoops, I don't have the gallery.rpy. I have only replay and replay_setup because I need only replay. So I need to put everything inside even if I only use replay?

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Absolutely not. If you buy it here you can always download the updated version.

Same thing for Patreon, which as an alpha supporter gives you a link to receive the copy here, always updated.

And if in the final version I increase the price (for example to €4) you who bought it today will still have it in the bookstore, of any version.

Second issue, sorry for bothering you! As you see in the screenshots the descriptions of the various replay are not fine, even if I change colour, I want to try maybe an outline but I don't know how to do it, can you help me?

In the game I have all the writes outlined with this in the main script:

define gui.dialogue_text_outlines = [ (1.5, "#000000a8", 0, 0) ]

define gui.name_text_outlines = [ (1.5, "#000000a8", 0, 0) ]

But with the description of these replays I dunno how to do it.

Sorry, I have another question. In my game the user define the roles at the beginning of the game, while in replay they're always the default one like "landlady". Is it possible to (easy) toggle something to remember the user defined roles?

I'm following this with interest, marge is awesome

Hi! don't worry, comments are also a grateful support! Can't you buy the main version here?

Thanks, after only a day from the email at the support team now my game is correctly indexed.

Sorry but I can't find it. I have to write an email at the support?

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Where are the rules? Here in the forum? EDIT: My bad, I've read it now.

Sorry for yet another post from those who post before reading the policies.

Now that I've read it, however, I think I have every reason to consider my project suitable. So I have to wait more?

I'm not actually sure about this, but if I search for my game in tags or research tab I can't find it?

I'm sure it was indexed when it was free, maybe it's because "now" it's paid?

If yes, how I know whem it's finally indexed for users to find it?

Thanks for responses.

perfect, thanks

Thanks! So they ends with $ renpy.end_replay(), but starts with the simple label name, am I correct?

little question, replays are closed when the label ends? What about parts of game where, due to a menu with choices, I have multiple labels I want to include in a single replay?

Thanks a lot! I will use this in my game!

I'm worried because I don't want that my game is associated with these scams, and he copied my game AND my profile picture. Why he's on me? He have other 3 games but I don't know what they are.

Hi to all, I received this review:

your game has been stolen and your profile image has been used on the fake account to distribute malware with your stolen game. and other games. see

(i will remove the rating in a few days. your game is on my backlog, but i will not play it for quite a while. unless itch acts very fast this time, the scam account will be up for a few days.)

What I have to do? Sorry I'm new to these kind of things, but now I'm worried.

Eey, I put one of your songs in my game, thanks a lot!

Like the title say, is it possible? When I release my game (I wish) even on Steam, I want to put the same price here and there, But I would like to make sure that those who donated to me here since that day also have the Steam version to thank them for their support. Is there a simple and safe way to understand who paid?

I'm actually not too worried about piracy, on the contrary, but for example if someone takes my game and SELLS it on google play.

Thanks now I've understand!

Ah, god this is a problem. So if I put my game at 5€ even who downloaded free without even donating can download it? I admit it, this is so complicated to understand. Or maybe I'm dumb.

What I would like is that the users who bought my game these days, even if it was a free offer, can freely obtain the game even when I put it at €5 (for example) without the free offer anymore.

I think it's right because they contributed even if they didn't have to.

Furthermore, thanks to your answer I understood that I can freely update the files by deleting them and uploading the new ones without problems. Thank you.

Hello everyone. To update my game, I usually delete the existing files from edit game and load the new ones.

So, if a person buys my game, is he only entitled to the version that I deleted, or having purchased he can always download the latest version?

Yes in my game there are link to my page and my patreon, I wish this is enough

So can I stay calm and leave everything like this?

Hello everyone. I published a game here a month ago, and only now I realize that I haven't set up the licenses. I have no license on both items (game and assets). Is it a problem? Which ones should I put? Excuse my ignorance.

And second, if tomorrow someone takes my apk and puts it on google play, can I do something to block it?