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Sky Haven: Short Stories (DevLog)

A topic by Mimic Kairatta created Aug 25, 2016 Views: 586 Replies: 15
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Sky Haven: Short Stories

Link to the current stage of the game can be found here:

Current version: 0.2.3

Welcome to Sky Haven: Short Stories!

This is the alpha/demo version of the game. It's made using RPG Maker VX Ace. All graphical tiles were made by me using Aseprite and Photoshop. Story and dialogue by my friend. At this stage of the game, all music and characters are using premade/random generated material. In future updates, these will change. Unless community feedback requires otherwise.

The game includes the following things:

  • A quick and skippable tutorial intro.
  • One completed level with multiple solutions.
  • Variety of characters.
  • A spider
  • A horse
  • And a brief ending.

All art, music, content and more within the game are subject to change. No promises are made and no release date is announced. All news and information shall be found here and only here unless specified otherwise.

Please enjoy the game and have fun. :D

  1. Caution: There are likely game bugs that have yet to be fixed. Please let me know if you find any so they may be fixed in a later update. Thank you.


The game is set in the city known as Sky Haven. The first story has Kathy trying to take the soul of the CEO for her boss. Join her as she tries to make her way into the building and get it.

PS: Her IQ is 24.





Specs (Under construction)

Recommended OS: Windows 7 or higher


Game made using RPG Maker VX ACE

First level dialogue and story by Pyrohawk

Tilesets and art designs by Mimic Kairatta


Author notes:

Hey there. This is is Mimic.

I've been working on this game every week for the past number of months whenever I get the chance. Reason? None really. The project seems like a fun idea.

So the first level is there, basic bare bones of the way the story is told. WIth a few playthroughs, I've found a way to reduce the size from 190 to 19 megabtyes. The issue now is that while I think the level is good, I don't know how others would think of it nor do I know if there are bugs I've missed. I need a different perspective, people who can help me refine this ideea and give feedback into it.

I want this to be a good game, however I can't do it alone. Which is why I asked my friend for help on the first level's story. However, I don't know if it would be good enough or if it's something people would like. So if you guys can, could you help me with the game? What works? What doesn't? What can be improved?

=Version 0.1.5=

-Even more bug fixing.

-Added ninja path to open boss door.

-Ending altered to fit with new paths.

=Version 0.1.6=

-Bugs being squashed.

-Behind the scenes code modifications.

-Added sewer path to open boss door.

-Ending altered to fit with new path.

=Version 0.2.0=

-New level added!

Hey, the game looks pretty cool, will you be needing more music for it? If so I would love to help out, you can check out my portfolio here

Thanks. :)

Sure, I definitely could use more music. While I am still working on specifics, I know I definitely need music for the title screen. I'm just using asset music for everything at the moment. Would you be interested?

Ah I see. I just need to ask a couple of questions first, was you planning on selling the game at some point or will it be free to play? Also what platforms will it be available on? Thanks.

Currently it is on "Pay what you want," but ultimately it is free. I don't expect people to be paying for it in it's current state. Right now it's only on until I feel it's popular enough to warrent a jump to other platforms.

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Alright then was just wondering. It's just that I have to prioritise paid projects right now, so if there's no chance of payment I may be able to make a track or 2 for free. Can you give me some reference tracks for what you want the title screen to sound like?

Sure thing. I'll place some links to them.

The idea is that I want to have the theme to have a calm yet unnerving feeling to it. That you're about to read some stories that are reaching into the uncanny valley

Ok I'll listen to those songs and try to come up with something thats "calm yet unnerving". Two final questions, roughly how long would you like it to be, and do you want it to loop?

Around 1-2 minutes. As for looping, I'd say no. While it will loop in the game, I'd think it'd better to have it have a point where it begins and ends. Much like a melody.

Ok I listened to those songs, and I tried to come up with something that could work as a Title Screen:

Let me know what you think.

I say it sounds pretty good, nothing viably wrong with it. I had a few other friends of mine tested the song and they gave it the thumbs up as well.

New update!

=Version 0.2.3=

-New path added in level 2!

=Version 0.2.2=

-Added new title song. Thanks to Sbeast.

-Minor dialogue added.