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Currently it is on "Pay what you want," but ultimately it is free. I don't expect people to be paying for it in it's current state. Right now it's only on until I feel it's popular enough to warrent a jump to other platforms.

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Alright then was just wondering. It's just that I have to prioritise paid projects right now, so if there's no chance of payment I may be able to make a track or 2 for free. Can you give me some reference tracks for what you want the title screen to sound like?

Sure thing. I'll place some links to them.

The idea is that I want to have the theme to have a calm yet unnerving feeling to it. That you're about to read some stories that are reaching into the uncanny valley

Ok I'll listen to those songs and try to come up with something thats "calm yet unnerving". Two final questions, roughly how long would you like it to be, and do you want it to loop?

Around 1-2 minutes. As for looping, I'd say no. While it will loop in the game, I'd think it'd better to have it have a point where it begins and ends. Much like a melody.

Ok I listened to those songs, and I tried to come up with something that could work as a Title Screen:

Let me know what you think.

I say it sounds pretty good, nothing viably wrong with it. I had a few other friends of mine tested the song and they gave it the thumbs up as well.

Ok, thats good to hear!