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Pizza Tales

A topic by Qward created Aug 23, 2016 Views: 191 Replies: 1
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Pizza Tales is a free 2D shooter game for Windows. Available for free here:

We have also made a short trailer:


Peace reigned in the Pizza Village. The artifact, the Holy Sauce, brought prosperity to the Pizza people. But everything changed when the Kale King unleashed his vegetable army on the unsuspecting Pizzas, in a mad quest to take the Holy Sauce for himself.

The vegetable army made off with the Holy Sauce, and left the Pizza village in ruin and flame. But from these flames a hero emerged. A slice of Pizza determined to take back what was lost, and avenge his people.

The game has 20 levels, 4 levels of difficulty, 5 bosses, weapons, boosts, armors, hats...

This is our first project so we would love to have feedback about the game so if you find it worthy, please try it out !

And please children, don't eat your vegetables...


Reminds me of a veggie game I use to play.. Same qualities but different approach.