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Steam version cannot export .gif

A topic by Ceej Games created 78 days ago Views: 137 Replies: 3
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Hello, I was trying to export a rendered animation as a .gif but cannot due to whenever I click the export gif button it opens up the cmd then closes on its own, I'm debating to just refund the game and buy it on, Anyone run into this issue or just me?

GIF export option is not supported on MAC, only on windows.

If you are using Windows, check if the folder/path on you have installed there is some space, but it should be already fixed just let you know.

Btw, GIF and Json export options are WIP. The option to be used is .PNG spritesheet that works on any OS and engine.

All good, cheers Kronbits.

Hey Cj, what did you do to fix this? I'm having this issue aswell where it opens cmd but doesnt export